Jan. 12th, 2010

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Hopefully many more projects to come.  Finished the drawers.  I have pics, but they aren't the best.  Bad bathroom lighting, sans flash.

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I was going to toss together a little Victorian cap, but after drafting up the pattern, and cutting out the foundation, I realized I didn't have any tulle.  So I spent the morning making up apportioning scales in my uncorseted size to start on my chemise.  If I'm not to tired this afternoon, I';; begin drafting that.  I picked up a fairly light weight linen/cotton blend for this yesterday.
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After spending the morning piecing together the apportioning scale for my size, I went ahead and drafted up a chemise.  The process was simple, and went smoothly.  Tonight I was able to get a mock up cut and sewn.  Glad I decided not to just cut into the linen tissue (60%linen/40%cotton).  It's a bit big.  Got the alterations marked and pinned.  I'm taking a good 3" off each side, and pinched another 2" or so out of the back!  Plan on getting those stitched in sometime this week.  Would like to do it tomorrow, but Wed. and Thurs. are a bit busy here, so may have to wait 'till Fri.  We'll see how I feel.
Now it's off to bed.  Haven't been sleeping too good lately, so am hoping for better tonight.  Maybe the rain will help lull me.


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