Jan. 21st, 2010

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The paletot muslin is coming together nicely.   I think my patterning teacher would be appalled if she saw the actual pattern, but the muslin is looking good. 
I got it stitched up and took pics, then realized I forgot to sew up the front darts.  Sooo, back to the machine, and more pics!  Then the Nikon ate some pics, so more pics.

Results of all the picture taking... )
So far, I'm very pleased with how this is coming together.  I'm happy with the fit and am actually diggin' the grapes at the moment.  Perhaps it has something to do with living in wine country....  Whatever, I'm always amazed when I take a tinny 1/8 scale pattern, sized for someone a bit smaller i might add, and turn it into something that fits me!  Boggles my mind every time!  This is why I love sewing!!!  

For tomorrow:  Draft sleeve.  Yikes!  If draft goes smoothly, I'll get the sleeve in and check fit.


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