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Was feeling pretty good about myself on Tuesday night.  All those boning channels were finished, the pattern for E was scaled up, and by 10:pm it was sewn. 
As I'm merrily stitching along, I think to myself, "Self, this looks a bit on the small side. "  But I ignore my better judgment and keep going.  The only thing I can say for myself, is at least I didn't put on the sleeve.
Come the next morning, I have E try on the mock-up.  She can get one arm thorough, barely, but the back was so narrow, it barely covered half of her back, and of course, there was no way on God's green earth the other arm was going through.

So, here's the pattern for reference:

See that dart in the armscye?  I was laboring under the misapprehension that it functioned as a princess seam.  It actually performs the task that a side seam normally would, and the bit to the rear of the dart behaves like a side back.  *head sewing desk*  Because I misinterpreted the pattern, I made it waaaay too small.   So I threw the pattern back on the projector, and made it bigger.   Below, is the new size, already cut out and ready to go.  The green bit on top of it is the old pattern.  Quite the difference, no?

It's way too long at the moment, but better that than too short.  I'll stitch it tonight, and mark the length once I try it on E.

Last night was also spent marking the eyelet placement on the corset.  I managed to get 1, count 'em,1 eyelet done.  Go me!  So after I get E's mock-up ready, with only 2 pieces, not such a time intensive task, I'll settle down to watch Project Runway and make eyelets.
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