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Still alive. Who knew this summer would luck my butt? I reel like it's been one of the busiest and shortest on record. We start back to school in 2 1/2 weeks. I've got a Harry Potter birthday party to plan somewhere in there, as well as a few appointments with some new Drs. For E. I always hate the getting to know you sessions where you have to re-hash all your child's deficiencies. Oh well, gotta do what I gotta do.

I know I've missed a lot from you all, but am looking forward to going back and seeing what you've been up to!

On the sewing front, it's been way too quiet. Decided I was hating the squashed bust on my corset so am starting over from scratch. This way I can also fix the busk that I put in backwards. My new plan involves wrapping ky dress form in plastic wrap and packing tape and drawing on my seamlines. Then cutting the thing apart and taking the reduction out. We'll see....

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