Mar. 3rd, 2009 09:42 am
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I've ordered the supplies I need for the Victorian corset.  All but the grommets.  I prefer the look of hand sewn eyelets, so will be doing it the hard way.   Yes, I am crazy, why do you ask?
The next question is, do I want to add a fashion layer, or just go with basic white?  I guess I'm leaning towards white at the moment, 'cause I know it will be less likely to show through.  The fabric for the 1893 is due to arrive today, so I'll decide when I see how thin/thick it is.
*sigh*  I just have no gumption for this stuff lately.
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The fabric has shipped.  Should be here next Tuesday.  Yay!  I need the inspiration.  I plan on ordering the corset supplies on Friday (pay day).  I've got the fabric on hand, so will be cutting it out and getting it stitched together in the next couple of days.  I just seem to have lost the mojo.  *sigh*
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All the bodice and sleeve pieces have been scaled up.  Yipe!  The skirt I'll tackle by draping once I get a bodice mock up done.  Of course, none of this can go forward until I get that corset done.  Which means I've got to order the supplies.  Then there's the matter of fabric.

For the jacket I'm going with the black cotton velvet.  Safe choice, I know.  But hey, it works.  I have a few in mind for the dress.  None of which is over $6.00 a yd.

Any thoughts?  I could really use some input, 'cause I can't stop dithering.

Fabric 1  not to sure about twill

Fabric 2  I really want stripes, so I'm  leaning toward this one.

Fabric 3   I like the delicate feel of this one.  And its green.

Fabric 4 Again, I'm not too sure about the twill

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from drafting up the pattern for the 1893 dress.  I've only got 4 more sleeve pieces (5 sleeve pieces in all) and the collar to go!
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Thanks to Alison over at the GBACG for this one!

This book in German I think? (google books rocks!) It's got some really great stuff in it, including some patterns that look like they can be scaled up!  There are quite a few empire waisted gowns.   It shows the evolution of the style.  In 1893 it was a bit of an anomaly, but by the print date of this book (1903) they were the mainstream fashion.  Lovely stuff!

There are also some pretty funny illustrations showing the hazards of corset wearing.  *tee hee*

Now I just have to find a good online translator to run it through.

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No sewing tonight, I've been fighting a headache all day.  Instead, I turn my thoughts to the 1893 Empire gown. 

Rambling thoughts this way.... )
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I now have a reason to make that 1893 Empire dress!  GBACG is having a "Sky viewing at the Observatory".  Time period?  1880-1910!
That means I have until Apr. 18 to get the dress done!


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