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Here are some pics of the sleeve detail:
snip, snap )
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But, I finally have some of me in the A.D with the sleeves.
right this way.... )
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Here's where the list stands as of 10:10pm(pst):

Shift: done
Bloomers: done
Plain petti: done (even added a wee bit of lace)
Regency pad: Just need to finish pad stitching
Reticule: done


Added a little more trim to the A.D. sleeves
Stitched points of sleeve puffs down (the curling was driving me batty)
Reticule for E (she just had to have one)  started will finish tomorrow.

I think this is the first time I'm gonna get everything done with time to spare.  (knock on wood)
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Well, I didn't finish the shift last night.  I can't run the machine until E is sleeping, otherwise it keeps her awake.  However, this does not mean that I did nothing. 

I started on the reticule )
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The lower sleeves are basted on the A.D.  They look just like the un-staged pic of the dress that [ profile] jennil  sent me,  (Thanks again for that) , long monkey arms!
I started on the regency shift, but my sewing machine was making sick clunking noises and tangling thread.  It took me an hour and a half to find the lint ball that was stuck in the works, and discover that the top thread wasn't in the take-up lever.  Doh! 
When I did get things moving, I managed to over trim part of one of the seams to the point of not being able to flat fell that part.  Now I'll have to bind it with bias to keep it whole.  Grrrr. 
Tonight I hope to finish the shift, and move on to the pad.
Oh, and I cut out a reticule.  I'm thinking of doing a simple embroidery motif just to make it cute.

So still to do for the 31st:

Attach lace to E's bloomers (I love that word.  Makes me giggle like a school girl)
Finish shift
Plain petti for E

I think that's it.

The fabric I got off  Ebay came, and now all I can think about is Polonaise!  Must get 1893 done first!

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Well, I think I've got the petti into the shape it needs to be for the Archery Dress.  If I add any more rows, I'll wind up with a later silhouette.  So for now I'll leave it as is.  But, I'm leaving enough room to add more cord later.  Now I just need to put a wait band in and I'm done!
pics here )Now that I've got that done, E wants one too!  So a mini-petti will be coming soon.
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Corded petti coming up!

I'm Done!

Sep. 27th, 2008 07:02 am
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Well, I've pretty much been off-line for the past week, and it looks like I've missed a lot!  You guys really are an amazingly talented bunch!
As for me, I finished the Bubble Gum dress, and fluffy petti for E.  I also finished the Archery Gown!  Gasp!  It only took about 6 mos.  I also threw together a one-hour bonnet.  It's not exactly what I was shooting for, but I was just too tired to do any more.  It'll do the job, so I guess that's what counts. (I was up 'till 2a.m)
Today is the W&D Picnic, so everything will be getting an outing.  My good camera broke, so, I'll hve to make do with the crappy old one that has no zoom. *Sigh*  We'll be picking up a new one tomorrow, a day late and a dollar short!
I'll post what pics I get tonight or tomorrow.
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 11 triangles down, 8 to go!  It's a real PITA!
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 The bottom of the trim is all stitched down.  Due to a faulty ruler, or perhaps it was the person wielding it ;b I didn't have enough length in the back to it the easy way.  I had to make a trim sandwich, and stitch it down by hand.  
I'm off to get a start on the pointy parts now!
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Today is the first day that I've done some sewing since Saturday.  The weekend was really tiring, and I'm just now recovering from going ice skating with E's camp on Monday.  To say I've been sore is an understatement.  I guess getting knocked down while trying to keep 2 balance challenged little girls on their feet will do that to ya.

Any who,   I was able to get some sewing done this morning.  I spent a few hours working on a project for a friend, then went on to get the trim for the Archery Dress put together.  I'm happy to say that the pink bits are sewn to the black, and it's all pinned on the dress and ready to be sewn on by hand.   I hope to get a start on that tonight, if these muscle aches would just go away.

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3 bent and 1broken needle later, the bias is attached to the pink part of the trim.  That last pack of bias was like sewing through shoe leather.  Next up, cutting out the black and stitching the two together.
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After dropping E off at camp and a quick trip to the fabric store to pick up more bias binding (yes, I am too lazy to make it my self), I sat down to watch the first to Episodes of Wives And Daughters with the trim for the Archery dress.  I managed to get 12 triangles covered, 8 3/4 to go.

There's something about hand sewing that can be so relaxing.   Unfortunately I'm about to destroy that peace with a bit a of house work
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After much racking of my poor brain, I have come up with a solution for finishing the van dyked hem on the Archery Gown.  I tried pressing the edges under with the idea that if it worked I'd do it on the black as well, but I just couldn't get a neat enough line.   I threw out both of my earlier ideas and decided to use a wide double fol bias tape.  Instead of actually binding the edges, I have just laid it on top and folded it at each point.  I wish I could find some reference to how they did it in period.
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 Well, thanks to a rip roarin'  headache yesterday, I didn't get much of anything done.  The only thing I did manage was getting the interfacing for the Archery Gown that I cut out Monday, fused to the pink fabric and cut out.  

After doing that, I started to re-think my plan for attaching it to the black velveteen.  I had originally thought to use the machine to satin stitch it down, but now I'm not so sure.  

So far today, i have managed to measure and cut out the smock for E's Faire Frock.  I have to wait to get started on the actual sewing until I measure how wide to make the neck opening.  Because I wasn't thinking when I made the overdress, the neckline will need to be more rounded that is typical, and will most likely need to be laced up the back.

Now, it's off to do the laundry, then a little break before I get back to work!
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We had a very busy weekend!  On saturday we took a drive out the the forest.   We had lunch and went for a nice walk.  E loves to climb into the holes in redwood trees!  But then, so did I when I was a kid.  
Then we had to go grocery shopping.  And of course, had an attack of sticker shock.  It's appalling how much the price of food has gone up.

Sunday, we headed over to Marine World.  Again.  E's best friend's b-day is coming next Sunday, and we wanted to pick up a few gifts for her.   She wants a "soft shark" and "soft dolphin" (plush), so we got those, as well as a shirt and a necklace with a dolphin charm that has her name on it.  We had a lot of fun.  The weather was nice, and the lines were short, for the most part.  

E started camp yesterday.  She is very excited to be spending the next two weeks with her best friend!

After taking the car in for service, I thought I would have the whole day to sew.  Didn't happen.  I got a call from my sister, saying my aunt was at her house and wanted to see me.  So, I went over there, and now have even more sewing added to my list of already epic proportions!

On the sewing front:

On Saturday, I only got around to sewing the bodice lining down on E's Faire Frock.  Sunday I was to tired to do anything.  So we watched a movie.  (side note:  If you have not seen 'There Will Be Blood' don't.  D and I couldn't see what all the hype was about.)  Yesterday,  I spent what little time I had in the afternoon futzing around with Gemma.  She was still a bit bigger than me in all the places that matter.  I got her down to a more reasonable size and added soutache braid to all the seam lines.  The lines on the cover are not quite as accurate as I would like, especially the side seams.   I also re-worked the pattern and cut out the interfacing for the trim on the Archery Gown.

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Once bitten by the sewing bug, I couldn't not do something about it.  With D turning in early last night, all I had room for was cutting out/marking the corset.  So I did!  Yay!  the first sewing related thing I've done in months, and it feels good.  Tonight I plan on getting started on E's faire frock.  That really must come first, as She will need it in the next month.  Hopefully I will now be able to find the will to finish the Archery gown.  It looks so forlorn, hanging on Gemma, just wanting the finishing touches.


May. 31st, 2008 09:05 am
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 Life has been running away with me lately, so the only sewing I have been doing is the hand work on the Archery gown.  I've managed to get all the binding on the upper sleeves stitched down, but still have to apply trim to the lower sleeve.  Once I get that done, I'll re-work the vandyke on the hem.  Perhaps I'll get it finished this week.  Slow and steady.....

School is out for E on Wed. June 4, so I have been spending a lot of time in the class.  I'm really going to miss her teacher, and this group of kids and parents.  We've had a wonderful year.  She, however, is very excited about summer.  She will be going to camp for 2 weeks in July with her bestest friend.  

Marshmallow, the ironic black bunny, has been sick.  Again.  It's the new antibiotics.  His vet has never run into such a sensitive rabbit, so he is posting to a vet board to see if he can find some answers.  We love Dr.P.  He always takes time to call and see how things are going.
This rabbit has been more trouble!  But whatcha gonna do?  E loves the bunny.

Now, back to life.  We're off to a play date with before mentioned best friend.
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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been kicking around the idea of joining the GBACG .  They are doing a Wives and Daughters picnic in Sept. that I would be able to wear the Archery gown to.  While looking for costume inspiration for E, D asked if he was invited.  I said sure, if you're willing to dress in period.  And guess what?  My husband who has always insisted he would not wear "funny clothes"  agreed to do just that!  I never thought I would see the day!  So, I guess that means I have much sewing in my future!  

As for the Archer gown its self, I have come up with a new plan to tackle the vandyke hem.  Instead of cutting both the pink and black fabric then trying to get them to line up so I can stitch them together, I have decided to cut the pink fabric first.  I will then fuse it to some pellon to eliminate the squidge factor.  Now for the breakthrough.  I plan on basting the cut and fused pink to the uncut black.  I will then use the pink as a guide for cutting the black.  I can then satin stitch the pink to the black and trim off any excess.  Luckily, I bought way more fabric than I needed, so have lots left.  I'm hoping this will eliminate the headache of trying to get all those angles to line up correctly.  
What do you guys think, will this new plan be likely to work?

I don't think I will ever do a vandyke trim again!  I love the look but it's way to fiddly for the likes of me.

Now, I'm off to plan my hubby's wardrobe!

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Tonight was my last class, and I presented the Archery gown as my final project.  It's not completely done, but I could wear it, and J was able to see where I am headed.  And I got an A+!  Yippee!


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