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Sep. 27th, 2008 07:02 am
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Well, I've pretty much been off-line for the past week, and it looks like I've missed a lot!  You guys really are an amazingly talented bunch!
As for me, I finished the Bubble Gum dress, and fluffy petti for E.  I also finished the Archery Gown!  Gasp!  It only took about 6 mos.  I also threw together a one-hour bonnet.  It's not exactly what I was shooting for, but I was just too tired to do any more.  It'll do the job, so I guess that's what counts. (I was up 'till 2a.m)
Today is the W&D Picnic, so everything will be getting an outing.  My good camera broke, so, I'll hve to make do with the crappy old one that has no zoom. *Sigh*  We'll be picking up a new one tomorrow, a day late and a dollar short!
I'll post what pics I get tonight or tomorrow.
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I tried the Bubble Gum dress on E last night, only to find that some where between checking the fit of the bodice, and sewing the skirt on, it shrank!  I have now had to add a placket sort of thing to one side of the back opening just to get the darned thing to close.
Then while getting started on the hand work, I realized my most favoritest, most useful thimble has gone on the lamb.  Now I'll have to get another one, 'cause I just can't do hand work without it.  So sad:(
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Despite appearances to the contrary, I have been sewing and even made progress on E's W&D dress!
I'm gonna go ahead and cut this now )


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