Feb. 6th, 2010 08:09 pm
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Was bad and picked up a book, which turned into two, which stalled progress on the paletot.  So.  I've set myself a deadline of Valentine's day to get it done.

Still to do:

Sew down hem facing
Hem lining
Make new sleeve (the original is looking a bit more like a leg 'o mutton than I'd like)
Make and attach bias trim.
Make belt
Tack back pleats down
progress pics so far.... )
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Woke up at 4:30 with a raging headache.  After the excedrin kicked in and I began to feel better, I decided to try draping a jacket that I'd been thinking of for some time.  That's when I found out my due to disuse, my draping skills are sadly lacking.  I've spent the last hour or so practicing all those basic drapes, trying to brush up my skills.  Maybe one day I'll be up to par.

Drape #2

Feb. 16th, 2009 11:33 am
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I just wasn't happy with the first drape for the Pof Regency, so I draped another.

attempt # 2 )
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with the Sense and Sensibility pattern, I've decided to try draping my own.  I'm using the 1806-09 from PoF as inspiration.  I like the concept of the bands at the neckline and "waist" 

first efforts this way.... )
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Tonight was my last class, and I presented the Archery gown as my final project.  It's not completely done, but I could wear it, and J was able to see where I am headed.  And I got an A+!  Yippee!
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 I have indeed been working on the Archery gown.  When last I wrote, I had everything cut out and had made the trim.
I now have actual sewing progress, and even a few pics to prove it!
Now, It's off to get ready for a birthday party!
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I'm still feeling crappy, and tired to boot.  It's ridiculously hard to sleep when there is something tickling your throat all night.  But I'm sick to death of watching the election coverage and blogging doesn't take much energy.  So here I am.
In sewing news, not much to report.  I was able to muster up the energy to turn my skirt drape for the Archery gown into a paper pattern.  Tonight I will cut and sew, so should have progress pics tomorrow.  The project is due on the 22nd, so I have to work on it a little each day!  I think the most time consuming thing will be the trim, isn't always.  I now have all the materials and supplies I need, so once it's all fitted and approved, I can start cutting.  I should probably work on getting the trim made so when it comes time to putting it on, I'll be ready.  I should be able to start that on Wednesday.
This morning, I took Marshmallow, the ironic black bunny to the vet.  He has been sneezing quite a bit and we wanted to be sure he is ok.  He has a slight sinus infection, so now I have to give him antibiotics twice a day for 14 days.  This should be an adventure!  Thank goodness, we have a good vet.  He told me he could swab his nose and run tests to see exactly what was causing the infection, but they are very expensive and really not worth it, so why bother?  Now we just need to watch him to make sure the sneezing starts to get less frequent, and be sure he doesn't develop any new symptoms.
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Today being Thursday, the day I have class, I was able to drape the skirt for the Archery Gown!  Now I just need to turn it into a paper pattern and get the mock up stitched together.  I am super happy about how little time it took to get it draped, only 1/2 an hour.  It took longer to get the crappy muslin I got at Joann's on grain.
I still need to get the stomacher/corset cover thingy for the Venetian done by Sunday.  It's one of those finishing things that I can never find the motivation to do.   But, I would like it to look nice for display on Sunday.
Perhaps I'll get some pics of the Archery Gown up tomorrow.  It depends on how tired I am.  I promised E's teacher I would help her get the class room ready for thier open house, which is in a week. 
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is me banging my head against a wall.  I was soooo excited about getting the back of the archery dress just so.  After futzing with it for hours last night, and stabbing myself countless times, I threw my hands up and admitted defeat.  There seems to be a lot  of excess fabric all gathered and darted in.  It is so pretty, but frankly I couldn't get my fabric to cooperate.  I may try to work it out in flat.  I think I'll also ask J.J. if she has any insight.  As this is due in a few weeks, I may need to leave it as is for now, and come back to it later when I have more time.  I should have enough green fabric to re-do the back at a later date.
Not willing to go to bed with nothing at accomplished, I picked up the Modern Regency and worked on that.  I'm happy to say that went much more smoothly.  All that needs to be done is binding, add trim, and put on the closures!  Done in less than 2 hours, Yeah!  At least something went right.
I'll try and get some pics up later today or tomorrow for sure.  
Now it's off to he fabric store to get some pink binding and the pet store to get Marshmallow some food.
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Thanks to the awesome and fabulous

[personal profile] jennil I have a pic of the back of the Archery gown!   She so rocks!   So, with pic in hand, I'm going to see if I can get the bodice back to look a it more like the original.  I need to change the C.B. a bit, but otherwise, I think I have it looking fairly good.
My new plans for tonight:

Re-drape bodice back
Make B.B. pattern
Cut new back
If I have time, and feel up to it, I'll get it sewn to the front for a test run.

I have absolutely no sewing time during the days on weekends, and this is a long one.  E doesn't have school on Monday.  I would still like to get the Modern regency ready for P&P, 'cause i just think it would be fun!



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Now that E is back to her usual happy self, I have gotten back to sewing.  Last night I started draping the skirt for the  Archery gown.  I think I have the front the way I want it but am not sure about the back.  Because E was sick on Thursday, I missed my class, and so missed the demo/lecture on this type of skirt.  So, I'm just winging it.  I can't go much further with it anyways, I have to do some of it in class.
It was only 9:00 when I decided I'd taken that as far as I should, so I decided to get a start on my Modern Regency dress.   I'm using the Sense and Sensibility pattern for this one.I've not made this dress before and so need to do a mock up.  I had a few yards of black cotton hanging around that I decided to use for the toil.  If it works out, and fits properly, I'll add some pink trim and have a bonus dress!  I might even have it ready by to wear when I go with friends to see the J.C.'s production of  "Pride and Prejudice", How fun would that be?  I prepped the pattern and cut and marked everything, so tonight I will stitch it together.  Maybe I'll have progress pics tomorrow.
I've also made progress on the patterning for E's Faire Frock.  I thing I'm going to add curved side back seams to make it look a little more period.
That pretty much sums it up for now
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The scanner is alive and well.  So, as promised here is my lame sketch of what I plan on making E to wear to faire this summer.

As you can see, I am leaning toward a very simple kirtle over a smock.  She still loves to get down in the dirt and play, so I don't want to go with anything fancy.  Also, given that she has a tendency to fall, I want something she won't have to worry about ruining.  I've seen this style worn at faire, and as we are only play-trons it should be ok.
I took my 2nd toil to class last night and had JJ (my instructor) check the fit.  It has been given the green light.  Now I just have to find an appropriate fabric!  The original is in wool, but I'm not sure I want to go that route.  I've been trolling the "internets" for weeks and have found nothing I like, guess I have to break down and make that trip into the city.

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So, Yeah!  I have zee pics.  just waiting, waiting, waiting for them to upload.  
Still waiting........
Geeze, this thing is slow.
Ok, download complete!

So what do you think?  Is it looking like the inspiration?
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All right, so I didn't keep to my schedule, no surprise there.  I did however accomplish something.  I decided that before I went any further with the archery dress, I better be darned sure I have Gemma as close to my body shape as possible.  So last night, I got out the electric carving knife and sloper and got to work.  
I noticed that the skirt was pulling a bit in the rear.  So, I shaved some off.  (I can't tell you how therapeutic that is, everyone should have a chance to do it.)  Next up was the tummy.  There I had to add a bit,  I don't think anyone who is not a supermodel has a tummy that flat.  I also needed to adjust the hips a bit.  Her full hip was a little lower than mine, so I fixed that by shaving down the part that was to full and padding up the part that was not full enough.
Now the sloper fits much better, not exactly like it fits me, but I don't think I'll ever be able to get it to be a "perfect" match.
After making all the adjustments, I worked on getting the side seams marked correctly.  Due to the way the cover fits Gemma, despite all my work at trying to get it just right, the side seams do not line up on her the way they do on me.  That causes a lot of grief when draping because I end up with side seams that are not where they should me on me.  So using my sloper as a guide, I put piping cord down the side where the seams should go.  Now I have the added benefit of being able to really feel where the seam should be placed through the muslin I'm working with.  Hopefully, all this work will help my future garments come out with the right proportions.
Now, lets see if I can actually get the cutting for the archery gown done tonight:)
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 Well, Easter is over, and the bunny brought waaay to much chocolate!  We had a nice quiet holiday, starting the day by opening our baskets.  E was very excited to find the new dry erase board she had been wanting in hers.  D and myself were most happy with the See's candy!
We then went over to the in-laws for an easter egg hunt and a light lunch.  Everyone laughs that we do a hunt just for E, but it works better for her this way.  Because of her vision problems and the fact that she moves much more slowly than other kids, she never gets anything in a group hunt.  We spent some time sitting outside, basking in the glorious spring weather, then went to see the new Dr. Suess movie, "Horton Hears A Who".  This is one of our all time favorite books, and we were all quite pleased with the film version.  All in all, we had a very nice time.
Now for the sewing stuff.  
I've been thinking a  lot about my short stays and the way they fit.  They seem to do much more smashing than lifting.  So I've been mulling over a few options.
First would be taking them apart and making them a little smaller.  I just hate the Idea of taking out all those hand stitches.  They are so much more difficult to remove than machine stitches.  Or I could just scrap them and make a whole new set a size smaller than the current ones.
Next, I am considering making a bodiced petticoat using the directions found Here.   As I really don't require that much support, it might be a nice compromise.  I also think it would be nice to have for gowns made with sheerer fabric.
I'm just not sure which option to choose.
As for the patterning for the actual gown, that is going fairly well.  I added 1/2" to the rise of the armseye.  I  took about an inch off the length of the bodice front, as it was a little to low to give me that really high Empire line, I decided to leave the back  the length it was and just added seam allowances, but I did lower the V  in the back by 2".
As for the sleeve, I'm happy with the under sleeve as is, so didn't change that at all.  I've added 3" to the puff and am hoping  it is not too puffy now.  I'm going to wait to make the pattern for the sleeve trim to be sure I have the poof just the way I like it.
I hope to get the whole lot cut out tonight, and perhaps stitch it tomorrow.  It depends on how much energy I've got.
I also need to get started on my homework assignment.  It's rediculus, but I'm having the worst time on the simple fitted skirt front!  I can't seem to get the darts in there.  Maybe it's Gemma.  I think I'm going to try my sloper on her again and see if I need to make adjustments to her lower half.

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The headache finally left.  The only problem then was that I couldn't sleep.  I was up 'till about 5am, and when I did fall asleep, I had the weirdest dream that D. was shouting for me.  So that, of course, woke me right back up.  Arrgh!
i did manage to get the laundry done and some cookies baked, but the rest of the house work will have to wait until i have a bit more energy.
And of course, E. has decided she is not going to have a good day.  Most days she is an angel, but sometimes....
Sigh.  I guess someone will not be having cookies
Ok, now onto the real reason for this post.  Sleeves!

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But I have actually been sewing, and even made some progress on the Archery dress.  And I even have photographic evidence!
I finely got around to pulling a pattern off the drape of the bodice and even got that cut out and stitched together.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and will only be making a couple of small changes.
I was a little concerned that it would fit strangely as Gemma is a little larger than me and the drape looked horrific on me.  But it looks like we are about the same proportion after all.  I guess breathing in all that foam dist was worth it.

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Remember that green dress I posted about a while back?  Well, I have finally started the draping.   I've only been in class for a little over a month, and have only draped a basic 2 dart bodice block, but I decided I could wait no longer to get started and so am winging it some what.  
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  For some reason, I'm having a hard time working up the will to finnish these blasted stays.  I'm almost finnished.  I have a few more eyelets to sew, and the binding.  I also need to cut and tip the boning.  Maybe that is what the problem is.  I really detest cutting boning.  I'm always worried the wheel I use will break an send shards hurtling through the air to wreak havoc on my person!  Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and get it done.
I plan on settling down with the eyelets to watch the third installment of  "The Complete Jane Austin".  Tonight it's "Mansfield Park".  
I really do need to finnish these soon so I can drape the Archery Dress over them.  Did I mention that I love draping?
I tried it for the first time on thursday, and it is so much more satisfying than flat pattern!  I can't wait till my dress form comes in, so I can practice at home.
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Well I don't have much progress to report on the short stays.  I have been too busy wasting time on the internet.  However, I did find a gown that I am just dying to recreate.  I have never had the urge to copy an existing gown, but I 
 just can' t resist this one!


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