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All right, so I didn't keep to my schedule, no surprise there.  I did however accomplish something.  I decided that before I went any further with the archery dress, I better be darned sure I have Gemma as close to my body shape as possible.  So last night, I got out the electric carving knife and sloper and got to work.  
I noticed that the skirt was pulling a bit in the rear.  So, I shaved some off.  (I can't tell you how therapeutic that is, everyone should have a chance to do it.)  Next up was the tummy.  There I had to add a bit,  I don't think anyone who is not a supermodel has a tummy that flat.  I also needed to adjust the hips a bit.  Her full hip was a little lower than mine, so I fixed that by shaving down the part that was to full and padding up the part that was not full enough.
Now the sloper fits much better, not exactly like it fits me, but I don't think I'll ever be able to get it to be a "perfect" match.
After making all the adjustments, I worked on getting the side seams marked correctly.  Due to the way the cover fits Gemma, despite all my work at trying to get it just right, the side seams do not line up on her the way they do on me.  That causes a lot of grief when draping because I end up with side seams that are not where they should me on me.  So using my sloper as a guide, I put piping cord down the side where the seams should go.  Now I have the added benefit of being able to really feel where the seam should be placed through the muslin I'm working with.  Hopefully, all this work will help my future garments come out with the right proportions.
Now, lets see if I can actually get the cutting for the archery gown done tonight:)
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At last I have finished the carving and the padding, and she is ready to fill in on all (well, most of) my fitting needs!  It's like having a life size doll, and I have had way too much fun dressing her up.  

I think I shall call her Gemini, because she is as close to twin as I'll ever have.
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I have not been doing any sewing since I finished the short stays, instead, I have been working on my dress form.  


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