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I had plans to spend yesterday embroidering my fingers to the bone, and D. was on board.  Unfortunately, I felt horrible, and spent the day in bed.  Bleh. 
So far I've managed 18 of the 27 shamrocks on the first knee band for the drawers.
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In that spirit, I've drafted up a pair of  drawers from Fashion of the Gilded Age.   Managed to con D. into tracing a simple shamrock border on one of the knee bands, (he bailed on me for the second one).  Started embroidering that with a simple backstitch.  Took an hour to manage one lousy shamrock.  Might finish sometime before the next decade ends.  Could forgo the embroidery, but I want pretty knickers d*mn it!   Bak to the needle.  Will post progress tomorrow, if any is to be had.
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I'm certainly not as fast as my friend up there, but I've got a wee bit of sewing news to report. 

I actually started sewing E's faerie costume!  Unbelievable, I know.  I didn't get as much done tonight as I would have liked, but you gotta know when to quit.

And it this isn't the sewing gods screaming QUIT!!!! I don't know what is. 

Yes my friends, that is a bent needle lying  on that c.d. fanny pack.  How did it get so bent out of shape you ask?
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I sent for copies of my and E's birth cert. from Sacramento.  In June.  The application sat in the mail room or on sombody's desk until Nov. 26!  I can now expect to wait until Feb. 16 to see the D*mn things!  'Cause it's not like I don't need them.
Budget Cuts suck!

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Reading everyone's sewing wrap up makes me feel like a slug.  I'm so slow.  I'll have to try harder in 2009!  Lots of plans and good intentions....

However, I did finish the embroidery motif I started a while back.

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Life has been way to crazy lately!  The semester is almost over, and I had to get two papers done.  One was relatively easy, a costume analysis of a movie or t.v. series.  As I'd already made a good start snarking "The Tudors", I decided to flesh it out a bit and go with that.  Turned that one in last week. 

The other was a bit more difficult.  A short research paper on a non-western form of dress.  Being the queen of procrastination, I headed to the school library two weeks before it was due.  The only thing left in the costume section was Chinese, so, that's what I got.  Then of course, I waited until last Wednesday to actually get started on it.  Turned it in today, so the fingers are crossed.

Got a 97% on my last test.  Renaissance to the French Revolution. (Got a 99% on the first one, ancient Mesopotamia to Middle Ages.  Yes, I'm doing a little horn tooting.)  After the test, I overheard a couple of people talking about how hard the class is.  Now, I hate to be mean, but really?  Perhaps they just aren't that interested in the subject.  In that case, I wonder why they're even bothering to take the class.  So just one more test to go.

E had all of last week off, so we got to spend a lot of time together!  We went to gymnastics, the park, shopping, and the library.  And what did I find at the library?  A very awesome embroidery book!  So, of course, I decided to learn to embroider.  So far, so good I think.
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