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The hubby is downstairs reading I.E.P. reports, and E is taking too long to go to sleep.  This means no sewing.  Sadness.
But lookie what I found! )
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And decided to list my meager list of sewing accomplishments for 2008.  So, in no particular order...


1820's Archery Dress reproduction.
Fair Frock
Bubble Gum Pink  dress w/ fluffy petti.
Pirate princess
Roped petticoat for Venetian
Regency short stays
Modern Regency
2hr 20min dress
2 Lady in Waiting dresses
Christmas nightgown

Does getting Gemma into shape count?  That took a bit of doing!

In progress

Strapless Elizabethan stays (these just need the back cut down a bit and binding finished.  Don't know if I'll ever get them done)
Victorian Corset.  (pattern drafted, plan on starting these tonight.  Yes, I have no life)
Pockets.  (embroidery done.  Just need to be sewn up)
Regency shift (cut out forever ago.  need to sew up)
1/2 finished Butterick Victorian corset (I'm scrapping this one for now)

2009 Plans

Victorian corset.
Eliptical hoop
1860's Ensemble
Bustle (have yet to decide which period)
Dress to go with Bustle
Regency day dress
Fairy Costume (?)
Complete 18th c. ensemble (chemise, J.P. Ryan stays, pannier, petti, and I'm thinking Polanaise)

This does not include anything for E.  That will come as I decided exactly how much I can get done!

Hmm.  Looks like I finished more than I thought I did!

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There are so many great GBACG events coming in the next year!  This means lots of opportunities to dress up!  (if I can get on it and get the sewing done!)

Here's the list:

April 18th--Steampunk event
June 14th--Regency Tea
July 11--Bustles at the Beach
August 22--Member Appreciation Sell & Learn
Sept 26--Dark & Light Fairies
October 17--Dark Shadows picnic
Feb 21st, 2009--18th century Tea

This doesn't include the Tudor Family Reunion in Feb. 

I really must get on the stick.  Some of these are just to awesome to miss!


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