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Thank you guys for your words of support, they really do mean a lot.  I wish I had time to thank you each personally.
It's been 8 days, and E is still sick.  We are going to have blood work done tomorrow, and hope they can tell us something.
As if E being sick and the death of my uncle were not enough, my mother in-law had to have emergency surgery to remove 3 feet of her small intestine late Sunday night.  This is especially bad, because her large one was removed years ago.  We aren't even allowed to go see her because she's in ICU and we have some unknown illness floating around our house.
If anything else goes wrong, I'm gonna scream!
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y uncle passed away today.  I'm concerned for my aunt, and feel bad about not being able to be there for her.
E is still sick.  104 fever again.  The Dr.s keep saying it has to run its course.  Easy for them, it's not their child who's been miserable for 6 days!
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We had a very busy weekend!  On saturday we took a drive out the the forest.   We had lunch and went for a nice walk.  E loves to climb into the holes in redwood trees!  But then, so did I when I was a kid.  
Then we had to go grocery shopping.  And of course, had an attack of sticker shock.  It's appalling how much the price of food has gone up.

Sunday, we headed over to Marine World.  Again.  E's best friend's b-day is coming next Sunday, and we wanted to pick up a few gifts for her.   She wants a "soft shark" and "soft dolphin" (plush), so we got those, as well as a shirt and a necklace with a dolphin charm that has her name on it.  We had a lot of fun.  The weather was nice, and the lines were short, for the most part.  

E started camp yesterday.  She is very excited to be spending the next two weeks with her best friend!

After taking the car in for service, I thought I would have the whole day to sew.  Didn't happen.  I got a call from my sister, saying my aunt was at her house and wanted to see me.  So, I went over there, and now have even more sewing added to my list of already epic proportions!

On the sewing front:

On Saturday, I only got around to sewing the bodice lining down on E's Faire Frock.  Sunday I was to tired to do anything.  So we watched a movie.  (side note:  If you have not seen 'There Will Be Blood' don't.  D and I couldn't see what all the hype was about.)  Yesterday,  I spent what little time I had in the afternoon futzing around with Gemma.  She was still a bit bigger than me in all the places that matter.  I got her down to a more reasonable size and added soutache braid to all the seam lines.  The lines on the cover are not quite as accurate as I would like, especially the side seams.   I also re-worked the pattern and cut out the interfacing for the trim on the Archery Gown.



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