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Here's where the list stands as of 10:10pm(pst):

Shift: done
Bloomers: done
Plain petti: done (even added a wee bit of lace)
Regency pad: Just need to finish pad stitching
Reticule: done


Added a little more trim to the A.D. sleeves
Stitched points of sleeve puffs down (the curling was driving me batty)
Reticule for E (she just had to have one)  started will finish tomorrow.

I think this is the first time I'm gonna get everything done with time to spare.  (knock on wood)
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The lower sleeves are basted on the A.D.  They look just like the un-staged pic of the dress that [ profile] jennil  sent me,  (Thanks again for that) , long monkey arms!
I started on the regency shift, but my sewing machine was making sick clunking noises and tangling thread.  It took me an hour and a half to find the lint ball that was stuck in the works, and discover that the top thread wasn't in the take-up lever.  Doh! 
When I did get things moving, I managed to over trim part of one of the seams to the point of not being able to flat fell that part.  Now I'll have to bind it with bias to keep it whole.  Grrrr. 
Tonight I hope to finish the shift, and move on to the pad.
Oh, and I cut out a reticule.  I'm thinking of doing a simple embroidery motif just to make it cute.

So still to do for the 31st:

Attach lace to E's bloomers (I love that word.  Makes me giggle like a school girl)
Finish shift
Plain petti for E

I think that's it.

The fabric I got off  Ebay came, and now all I can think about is Polonaise!  Must get 1893 done first!

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Well, I pooped out after just one hip last night.  Not sure how much energy I've got for it tonight. We'll see.

 We went to see Biglittlethings with E's best friend.  Unfortunately, my tummy decided to act up and I spent much of the show in the lady's.  I prayed all the way home that I'd make it!

So, I'm going to the GBACG open house, and am thinking over costume ideas.  If I dress, I want it to be something comfy, that doesn't take up too much room.  So, 'Bethan is out.  I was thinking of wearing the Archery Dress, but it really needs a corded petti.  So, if I can manage it, I'm thinking of throwing together a simple Regency, and if time permits, a spencer or pelisse.  Of course this means completing that Regency shift I've had cut out for ever.   If I get started this week, I should be able to make the Jan. 31 dedline.

* on a side note, I wore the modern Regency today complete with short stays.  Can I just say, those things are so much more comfy than modern support garments!

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been kicking around the idea of joining the GBACG .  They are doing a Wives and Daughters picnic in Sept. that I would be able to wear the Archery gown to.  While looking for costume inspiration for E, D asked if he was invited.  I said sure, if you're willing to dress in period.  And guess what?  My husband who has always insisted he would not wear "funny clothes"  agreed to do just that!  I never thought I would see the day!  So, I guess that means I have much sewing in my future!  

As for the Archer gown its self, I have come up with a new plan to tackle the vandyke hem.  Instead of cutting both the pink and black fabric then trying to get them to line up so I can stitch them together, I have decided to cut the pink fabric first.  I will then fuse it to some pellon to eliminate the squidge factor.  Now for the breakthrough.  I plan on basting the cut and fused pink to the uncut black.  I will then use the pink as a guide for cutting the black.  I can then satin stitch the pink to the black and trim off any excess.  Luckily, I bought way more fabric than I needed, so have lots left.  I'm hoping this will eliminate the headache of trying to get all those angles to line up correctly.  
What do you guys think, will this new plan be likely to work?

I don't think I will ever do a vandyke trim again!  I love the look but it's way to fiddly for the likes of me.

Now, I'm off to plan my hubby's wardrobe!

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 I have indeed been working on the Archery gown.  When last I wrote, I had everything cut out and had made the trim.
I now have actual sewing progress, and even a few pics to prove it!
Now, It's off to get ready for a birthday party!


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