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Leaving me with way too much to get done by Saturday. The to do list as it now stands:

8 wizard robes for small people 6 sewn
Add wand pockets on all 8
Apply Hogwarts badges to robes
Magic wands
Wizard robe for yours truly- just needs neck bound and sleeves. *shudder* (more details later)
Spell books (I'll get pics up tomorrow, they turned out so cute!)
Pinata- needs 2nd coat of paper mache(?sp)

I think I can, I think I can......

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I got started on the wizard hat pinata. Not much right now, just a plain cardboard hat.

Looks more like a witch hat at the moment. I may cut the brim down a bit to make it look more wizardly.

E wants me to dress up too, so I'm kicking around ideas for a robe. I don't want to spend any money on it, so am thinking I'll use one of the green tablecloth left over from the Venetian. Haven't decided on a pattern. I'll either use the same method I used for the kids, (basically a t-smock with all the gores and gussets grafted on and more ease split up the middle.) or I'll make a simple yoke and pleat the front and back on. Whatever I decide, it needs to happen quickly, the party's next Saturday.

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Wands that is. Did the staining today.

more pics and musings here..... )

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With all the time and energy I'm spending on this party!

Worked up a practice invite, although with the time it took for just the one, I'm going to use Ye-old-ink jet for them. But they must have the official seal.

So, here's what I came up with:

Really, my lettering is not all that fantastic anyway, I'm a bit out of practice. I will hand letter the envelopes though.

We're off to the fabric store tomorrow, for robe supplies. I'll try and get the invites printed tonight.

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Jul. 30th, 2010 11:53 am
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If only it were so easy! E and I just finished reading the Harry Potter books, and with her birthday comming up, I think you can probably guess where the party is headed. Like every child who has read the books before her, they have captured her imagination. Thus, we will ne spending the next 2 weeks planning a Harry Potter themed party.

As a parent who hates all the crap that come home in goody bags, I've decide not to do them. Instead we will be making Hogwarts robes and wands for all the kids. Yes, I am crazy. But the robes should be easy enough, and with my mom's help, I should be able to get them whipped out.

we started the wands yesterday...... )

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