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  For some reason, I'm having a hard time working up the will to finnish these blasted stays.  I'm almost finnished.  I have a few more eyelets to sew, and the binding.  I also need to cut and tip the boning.  Maybe that is what the problem is.  I really detest cutting boning.  I'm always worried the wheel I use will break an send shards hurtling through the air to wreak havoc on my person!  Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and get it done.
I plan on settling down with the eyelets to watch the third installment of  "The Complete Jane Austin".  Tonight it's "Mansfield Park".  
I really do need to finnish these soon so I can drape the Archery Dress over them.  Did I mention that I love draping?
I tried it for the first time on thursday, and it is so much more satisfying than flat pattern!  I can't wait till my dress form comes in, so I can practice at home.


Jan. 20th, 2008 08:25 am
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I have finally made some progress on the short stays.  The bust gussets are in on all layers, and each layer is stiched.   I decided when doing the mock up that the gussets really needed to be put in by hand to look good.  As I am slow at hand sewing this took a while.  All that is left to do is baste all the layers together, insert boning, and bind.  Yay!  I should have it  done before the dress form arrives.  I better have it done, as the form won't be here for about three weeks, and that would mean I was way to lazy.  
I don't forsee much work being done tonight because PBS is continuing their "Complete Jane Austin" series with "Northanger Abby".  Needless to say, neither my husband or sewing machine will be seeing much of me tonight!


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