Feb. 2nd, 2009 09:39 pm
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Have  I mentioned how much I hate the suckers?  Well, I hate them.  With a passion!
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Well, I pooped out after just one hip last night.  Not sure how much energy I've got for it tonight. We'll see.

 We went to see Biglittlethings with E's best friend.  Unfortunately, my tummy decided to act up and I spent much of the show in the lady's.  I prayed all the way home that I'd make it!

So, I'm going to the GBACG open house, and am thinking over costume ideas.  If I dress, I want it to be something comfy, that doesn't take up too much room.  So, 'Bethan is out.  I was thinking of wearing the Archery Dress, but it really needs a corded petti.  So, if I can manage it, I'm thinking of throwing together a simple Regency, and if time permits, a spencer or pelisse.  Of course this means completing that Regency shift I've had cut out for ever.   If I get started this week, I should be able to make the Jan. 31 dedline.

* on a side note, I wore the modern Regency today complete with short stays.  Can I just say, those things are so much more comfy than modern support garments!

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Bust gussets basted in place.  Moving on to the hips.
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I've made a start on the Mantua Maker Regency stays. (1st mock up)   All the long seams are sewn.  Now I'm off to have dinner, then tackle the gussets!


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