Drape #2

Feb. 16th, 2009 11:33 am
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I just wasn't happy with the first drape for the Pof Regency, so I draped another.

attempt # 2 )
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with the Sense and Sensibility pattern, I've decided to try draping my own.  I'm using the 1806-09 from PoF as inspiration.  I like the concept of the bands at the neckline and "waist" 

first efforts this way.... )
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Well, I didn't finish the shift last night.  I can't run the machine until E is sleeping, otherwise it keeps her awake.  However, this does not mean that I did nothing. 

I started on the reticule )
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Well, I pooped out after just one hip last night.  Not sure how much energy I've got for it tonight. We'll see.

 We went to see Biglittlethings with E's best friend.  Unfortunately, my tummy decided to act up and I spent much of the show in the lady's.  I prayed all the way home that I'd make it!

So, I'm going to the GBACG open house, and am thinking over costume ideas.  If I dress, I want it to be something comfy, that doesn't take up too much room.  So, 'Bethan is out.  I was thinking of wearing the Archery Dress, but it really needs a corded petti.  So, if I can manage it, I'm thinking of throwing together a simple Regency, and if time permits, a spencer or pelisse.  Of course this means completing that Regency shift I've had cut out for ever.   If I get started this week, I should be able to make the Jan. 31 dedline.

* on a side note, I wore the modern Regency today complete with short stays.  Can I just say, those things are so much more comfy than modern support garments!

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Bust gussets basted in place.  Moving on to the hips.
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I've made a start on the Mantua Maker Regency stays. (1st mock up)   All the long seams are sewn.  Now I'm off to have dinner, then tackle the gussets!
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Tonight was my last class, and I presented the Archery gown as my final project.  It's not completely done, but I could wear it, and J was able to see where I am headed.  And I got an A+!  Yippee!
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 Well, I didn't get as much done last night as I had hoped.  
So here is where I stand....
Skirt attached.
Neck line trim stitched down.
Sleeve trim in the process of being stitched down.
To do tonight:
Hem skirt and apply trim.
Finish lower sleeve.  (Got frustrated with them today)
Finish stitching sleeve trim.

I've cheated on closures.  For now I am using snaps.  They will eventually be changed to hook & eye, but the snaps were faster.  And right now It's all about speed!

Ive also decided to go ahead and make the lower sleeve detachable.  I foresee wearing this in late Sept.  Around here you never know if your going to be baking or freezing in Sept.  So this gives me options.

Pics to come soon! 

Also need to apply the ribbon at waist seam.
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As of right now I have 2 days and three nights to finish the Archery Gown! 
Still to do:
Attach skirt.  
  I plan on doing this tonight.
Make lower sleeve. 
  also tonight if time
Finish trim for skirt.
  probably tomorrow
Bind lower edge of upper sleeve.
Stitch down trim on bodice and sleeves.
  hand sewing when ever possible.
Mark hem and apply binding.
  Wednesday (I hope)

Now what I have been doing the last two days.

Gotta go feed the kid now, then it's back to work!


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 I have indeed been working on the Archery gown.  When last I wrote, I had everything cut out and had made the trim.
I now have actual sewing progress, and even a few pics to prove it!
Now, It's off to get ready for a birthday party!
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I was able to get most of the Archery gown pinned and cut last night.  I have only to  cut the back skirt.  I also decided I didn't have enough trim, so spent about an hour working on that. 
I did realize while cutting that I don't have any ribbon to cover the empire seam like they have in the original.  Guess that means a trip to the fabric store.  I also realized I have not made the pattern for the trim on the bottom.  I'm still trying to decide how wide I want it.  I think I'll pin the skirt to Gemma and try out different widths.

So, some progress, but nothing worth hauling the camera out for.

(It's May and it's going to be 97 deg. today.  I hate the heat!)
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After an hour and a half of pinning, sewing, and pressing, I have trim!

Now I can move on to the good stuff!
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 Have I ever mentioned how much I *HATE* making bias binding?   Well, I do.  I spent 2 hours last night fiddling with the stuff and it's still not done.  *sigh*
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Today being Thursday, the day I have class, I was able to drape the skirt for the Archery Gown!  Now I just need to turn it into a paper pattern and get the mock up stitched together.  I am super happy about how little time it took to get it draped, only 1/2 an hour.  It took longer to get the crappy muslin I got at Joann's on grain.
I still need to get the stomacher/corset cover thingy for the Venetian done by Sunday.  It's one of those finishing things that I can never find the motivation to do.   But, I would like it to look nice for display on Sunday.
Perhaps I'll get some pics of the Archery Gown up tomorrow.  It depends on how tired I am.  I promised E's teacher I would help her get the class room ready for thier open house, which is in a week. 

Woo Hoo!

Apr. 22nd, 2008 09:42 am
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I finished the Modern Regency!  And I found the perfect shoes to go with it.  a sweet little pair of pink ballet flats.  Now if only it warm up a bit so I can wear it.   

Pictures! )
I also got some more fabric for the archery dress.  Now all I need to ge is the black velveteen and some narrow black velvet ribbon.  Because, frankly I'm to lazy to make all that narrow black trim.  I'll have to bite the bullet and do it for the pink, 'cause there is no way I'll find pre-made in the exact shade I need.
So once I get the skirt draped, I can get on to the fun part!
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is me banging my head against a wall.  I was soooo excited about getting the back of the archery dress just so.  After futzing with it for hours last night, and stabbing myself countless times, I threw my hands up and admitted defeat.  There seems to be a lot  of excess fabric all gathered and darted in.  It is so pretty, but frankly I couldn't get my fabric to cooperate.  I may try to work it out in flat.  I think I'll also ask J.J. if she has any insight.  As this is due in a few weeks, I may need to leave it as is for now, and come back to it later when I have more time.  I should have enough green fabric to re-do the back at a later date.
Not willing to go to bed with nothing at accomplished, I picked up the Modern Regency and worked on that.  I'm happy to say that went much more smoothly.  All that needs to be done is binding, add trim, and put on the closures!  Done in less than 2 hours, Yeah!  At least something went right.
I'll try and get some pics up later today or tomorrow for sure.  
Now it's off to he fabric store to get some pink binding and the pet store to get Marshmallow some food.
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Thanks to the awesome and fabulous

[personal profile] jennil I have a pic of the back of the Archery gown!   She so rocks!   So, with pic in hand, I'm going to see if I can get the bodice back to look a it more like the original.  I need to change the C.B. a bit, but otherwise, I think I have it looking fairly good.
My new plans for tonight:

Re-drape bodice back
Make B.B. pattern
Cut new back
If I have time, and feel up to it, I'll get it sewn to the front for a test run.

I have absolutely no sewing time during the days on weekends, and this is a long one.  E doesn't have school on Monday.  I would still like to get the Modern regency ready for P&P, 'cause i just think it would be fun!



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Now that E is back to her usual happy self, I have gotten back to sewing.  Last night I started draping the skirt for the  Archery gown.  I think I have the front the way I want it but am not sure about the back.  Because E was sick on Thursday, I missed my class, and so missed the demo/lecture on this type of skirt.  So, I'm just winging it.  I can't go much further with it anyways, I have to do some of it in class.
It was only 9:00 when I decided I'd taken that as far as I should, so I decided to get a start on my Modern Regency dress.   I'm using the Sense and Sensibility pattern for this one.I've not made this dress before and so need to do a mock up.  I had a few yards of black cotton hanging around that I decided to use for the toil.  If it works out, and fits properly, I'll add some pink trim and have a bonus dress!  I might even have it ready by to wear when I go with friends to see the J.C.'s production of  "Pride and Prejudice", How fun would that be?  I prepped the pattern and cut and marked everything, so tonight I will stitch it together.  Maybe I'll have progress pics tomorrow.
I've also made progress on the patterning for E's Faire Frock.  I thing I'm going to add curved side back seams to make it look a little more period.
That pretty much sums it up for now

At Last!

Apr. 13th, 2008 09:32 am
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After an exhaustive search of the internets, and fabric stores, I have found the main fabric for the Archery gown!  The search started in Jan., when I first decided to make the gown and ended yesterday at 4:45pm at Stone Mountain Daughter .  

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 Thanks to [profile] strawberrykaren  and [profile] sstormwatch  over on [profile] hist_kid_cloths, I have decided to go ahead and make the pink frock for E.  
I think I will go with this  pattern, the pinafore, as the starting point.  I plan on taking out the pleat, and button closure.  I'll leave a gap at center front so it won't lace completely closed.  E is happy to be getting a new dress.
I think I also have found a way to take my Regency obsession of the moment into my everyday wardrobe!  While looking through P.O.F. and comparing the half robe to the one from the Sense and sensibility patterns, thought why not make knee length in a modern cotton print.  Leave off the sleeves, but keep all the original lines, ie: the dropped shoulder seam, curved side back seam and the pleats/gathers in the skirt.  I'd have a cute summer dress, and fulfill my want to wear regency all the time.  I could also layer it over a pair of jeans and wear it with a little sweater for cooler days.  I'm super excited about this one and will have to restrain myself until I get the "Must Do" list done.


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