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I got A's on both my papers! 
Only one more test, and the class is over.  Its been fun, but now I need a dress from every era!  Unfortunately, time and money (D got an e-mail stating his company is not going bankrupt....this weekend) are not permitting at the moment :(  Sadness.
Now off to get E in the bath, ready for bed, read the story, and work on the costumes for the school play!
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Finished Costume Movie analysis for class.  Next up, research paper on Chinese clothing due next Monday!  (only started on Friday)
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Sewing wise, not much to report.  I've been busy working in Mrs. R's class (the kinder aid quit less than a week before the first day of school), working on fundraisers for the parent teacher organization (PTO), and spending time in E's class.  I hope to get version 2.0 of E's W&D dress mocked up this weekend.  So that leaves tomorrow night.  Too tired from the play date madness of today.



Aug. 19th, 2008 09:13 am
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Now that the Faire sewing is done (pretty much), I'm turning my attention to E's Wives and Daughters dress.  
In other news, I started my history of costume class yesterday.  I'm really excited about this one.  JJ, the instructor form my pattern making courses is teaching this one too.  As she is a fellow costume enthusiast it works out well!
Now, I'm a terrible student.  I hate to study, and I hate o write papers.  But I don't think that will be a problem with this class.  We've already been given our major assignments, and really, they are things I do just for fun!

Our first task, is to watch a costume flick an analyze the accuracy of them.  Hello!  Don't we all just do that for the fun of it?  This gives me an excuse to go see Duchess in the theater!

The second project is to find for modern designs that are inspired by four different historic periods.  Fun again!

The last project is a little more involved.  We have to research a non-western or folk style of dress, and design an outfit inspire by it.  More fun!

Now I have a legitimate reason for surfing the net looking for cool cloths!  Hee, hee!
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Tonight was my last class, and I presented the Archery gown as my final project.  It's not completely done, but I could wear it, and J was able to see where I am headed.  And I got an A+!  Yippee!
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I'm still feeling crappy, and tired to boot.  It's ridiculously hard to sleep when there is something tickling your throat all night.  But I'm sick to death of watching the election coverage and blogging doesn't take much energy.  So here I am.
In sewing news, not much to report.  I was able to muster up the energy to turn my skirt drape for the Archery gown into a paper pattern.  Tonight I will cut and sew, so should have progress pics tomorrow.  The project is due on the 22nd, so I have to work on it a little each day!  I think the most time consuming thing will be the trim, isn't always.  I now have all the materials and supplies I need, so once it's all fitted and approved, I can start cutting.  I should probably work on getting the trim made so when it comes time to putting it on, I'll be ready.  I should be able to start that on Wednesday.
This morning, I took Marshmallow, the ironic black bunny to the vet.  He has been sneezing quite a bit and we wanted to be sure he is ok.  He has a slight sinus infection, so now I have to give him antibiotics twice a day for 14 days.  This should be an adventure!  Thank goodness, we have a good vet.  He told me he could swab his nose and run tests to see exactly what was causing the infection, but they are very expensive and really not worth it, so why bother?  Now we just need to watch him to make sure the sneezing starts to get less frequent, and be sure he doesn't develop any new symptoms.

I be sick

May. 5th, 2008 10:24 am
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Ugh!  I hate being sick.  Of course I'm blaming it on the crowd I hang out with.  A bunch of germy five and six year olds!
But despite the sore throat and stuffy head, the weekend was good.  I went to see my schools production of  Pride and Prejudice, and spent all day Sunday at Day under the oaks, again at my school.  
I'll post more about it when I feel a bit better.  Right now I'm going to take a nap.


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