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Apr. 2nd, 2009 07:50 pm
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I think I may have discovered the root(s) of all my stitching troubles.  

#1- I've got a few must do sewing projects hanging over my head.  They're things I can't really talk about, but to work on them, I've got to be in the right frame of mind.  I.E. not grumpy and grouchy like I've been lately.  I'm trying my best to pull myself out of my doldrums and get one maybe two of them done by the 24th.

#2- Due to my lack of sewing, E has taken over the space I usually use.  That means scraps of paper, crayons, craft sticks, glue....You get the idea, all over the place.  So tonight I spent about an hour and a half tidying up.   Not having a dedicated sewing space seriously sucks.  Now that I've got the space, I've got no excuse for my lack of progress. 

I'm still recovering from the plague and am bone tired tonight.  tired = no sewing.  Tomorrow E and I are going to see Pippi Longstockings with her best friend.  No sewing happening there.  So, that means Saturday is the day for me.  now, If I can only keep E from making a complete mess of things again......
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It's been a bit flaky with the pics.  Now you see 'em, now ya don't!  Very annoying.  It's just not as much fun staring at white boxes and blank spaces.

So, life's been crazy.  I started my job at E's school, and it's going well.  There are a couple of kids I could cheerfully strangle but, all in all, they're a great bunch.  E likes having me there, especially on Wed. & Thurs.  'cause after I finish with the Kindergarteners I hang in her class until school's out.

Not much sewing going on.  I'm the worst procrastinator ever!  I have a dress and skirt, both with loads of applique, that I need for next Friday, as well as E's Halloween costume!  Ipes!  I need a swift kick in the rear to get me going! 
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I was able to get W&D bodice m.u. #2 done last night.  Seems to fit o.k..  I need to adjust the neckline, it's a little too high.  Also got started on a ruffled petticoat to go with.  If I have time, I'd like to make some bloomers to go under the whole lot.
I'll try to get some pic up tomorrow.  right now we're off to Marine World with E's good friend! 
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Once bitten by the sewing bug, I couldn't not do something about it.  With D turning in early last night, all I had room for was cutting out/marking the corset.  So I did!  Yay!  the first sewing related thing I've done in months, and it feels good.  Tonight I plan on getting started on E's faire frock.  That really must come first, as She will need it in the next month.  Hopefully I will now be able to find the will to finish the Archery gown.  It looks so forlorn, hanging on Gemma, just wanting the finishing touches.


Jul. 11th, 2008 09:31 pm
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Why is it, that whenever I feel like sewing, (and this is the first time in months that the urge has struck) the man decides to go to bed early?  Makes me want to pull my hair in frustration!
So, I settled for a little, a very little pattern work.  I finally got around to adding those side back seams to E's fair frock pattern.  I plan on cutting out the bodice tomorrow night (if D co-operates).
I also traced out the pieces I need to start on the Victorian corset.  I think I have everything I need to make the first draft.  I have decided to forgo a busk on this one (I'm making it on the cheap, gotta be able to afford that $4.50/gall gas after all).  Now I just need to decide whether I'll make it a front or back opening. 


Jul. 9th, 2008 03:46 pm
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I've got 7 yds of this fabric

No flash

Mom gave it to me about 4 years ago.  It's a poly brocade, so bound to be hot, but I like it.  However, I have no idea what to do with it.  Any suggestions?

Current temp: 100 deg.  (so not as hot as they said it would be, but still too much for me)

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I'm still feeling crappy, and tired to boot.  It's ridiculously hard to sleep when there is something tickling your throat all night.  But I'm sick to death of watching the election coverage and blogging doesn't take much energy.  So here I am.
In sewing news, not much to report.  I was able to muster up the energy to turn my skirt drape for the Archery gown into a paper pattern.  Tonight I will cut and sew, so should have progress pics tomorrow.  The project is due on the 22nd, so I have to work on it a little each day!  I think the most time consuming thing will be the trim, isn't always.  I now have all the materials and supplies I need, so once it's all fitted and approved, I can start cutting.  I should probably work on getting the trim made so when it comes time to putting it on, I'll be ready.  I should be able to start that on Wednesday.
This morning, I took Marshmallow, the ironic black bunny to the vet.  He has been sneezing quite a bit and we wanted to be sure he is ok.  He has a slight sinus infection, so now I have to give him antibiotics twice a day for 14 days.  This should be an adventure!  Thank goodness, we have a good vet.  He told me he could swab his nose and run tests to see exactly what was causing the infection, but they are very expensive and really not worth it, so why bother?  Now we just need to watch him to make sure the sneezing starts to get less frequent, and be sure he doesn't develop any new symptoms.
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Today being Thursday, the day I have class, I was able to drape the skirt for the Archery Gown!  Now I just need to turn it into a paper pattern and get the mock up stitched together.  I am super happy about how little time it took to get it draped, only 1/2 an hour.  It took longer to get the crappy muslin I got at Joann's on grain.
I still need to get the stomacher/corset cover thingy for the Venetian done by Sunday.  It's one of those finishing things that I can never find the motivation to do.   But, I would like it to look nice for display on Sunday.
Perhaps I'll get some pics of the Archery Gown up tomorrow.  It depends on how tired I am.  I promised E's teacher I would help her get the class room ready for thier open house, which is in a week. 
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Wow! What a great weekend!  It was long and tiring, but great.  
Not much going on sewing wise.  I still need to drape the skirt for the Archery Gown.  But first I need to get my corset cover thingie for the Venetian done.  I forgot that it's being displayed at our open house this weekend!  I would also like to get my regency chemise done.  It's been languishing in it's project bag since January, and it would be nice to have it done to wear with the Archery Gown.
And on a sad note for me, I found another gray hair!  That's two in two months.  I guess I wasn't joking when I told my cousin I told my cousin I was joining the ranks of the middle aged.  *sigh*
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Well, I have been sewing, just not on the Archery dress.  I have finally finished hemming the sleeves and hem of my Venetian camicia.  I have also been working on the cord stiffened petticoat/farthingale to go under it.  It's pretty much done.  All I have to do is finish up the waistband and stitch down the ends of the cord.
So, without further ado:
Pictures! )
All I need to do to complete this outfit is make the corset cover thingy.
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 Not much in the way of sewing going on around here.  I'm kind of at a stand still with the Archery gown.  Part of the deal with it being my class project is that I have to actually work on it in class!  Seeing as I am happy with the bodice and sleeve, the only thing I have left to drape is the skirt, so I'll have to wait until I have class time to start on that.  I really should start work on the chemise, what with it being cut out and all.  *sigh*  Perhaps tonight.  I also need to start on E's new faire dress.  She wants a pink one, go figure.  I have an idea of what I want to do,  I just need to get the pattern altered and get the fabric.  My scanner is down at the moment, but once it's fixed, I'll put up my lame sketch.  I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination! 
It's depressing really, my dad was an amazing artist.  He could draw anything, and used to amuse the waiters at restaurants by drawing caricatures of them.  We got many discounted meals this way!  He was also a wood carver.  He would pick up a piece of wood and it would tell him what it was.  There were many times when people would bring him wood and ask him to carve them a bear.  A few days later they'd come back and he'd hand them a dancer, or a deer.  When they asked why it wasn't a bear, he'd answer them by saying the wood wanted to be a deer.
I miss him a lot this time of year, as it was his favorite time of year.  It makes me sad that E never got to know him.  He passed away 6 years before she was born.  But I tell her stories and teach her the songs and traditions he taught me, and that were such a big part of my life growing up.   She looks at his portrait on the wall and knows who he is.  I know he would be proud of her.  She knows most of his songs better than I do, and sings them with great pride knowing they were Grampa Bun's. 
Sorry for being so maudlin, this time of year just gets to me sometimes. 

I love you dad, and miss you more than words can say.



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