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 Well, Easter is over, and the bunny brought waaay to much chocolate!  We had a nice quiet holiday, starting the day by opening our baskets.  E was very excited to find the new dry erase board she had been wanting in hers.  D and myself were most happy with the See's candy!
We then went over to the in-laws for an easter egg hunt and a light lunch.  Everyone laughs that we do a hunt just for E, but it works better for her this way.  Because of her vision problems and the fact that she moves much more slowly than other kids, she never gets anything in a group hunt.  We spent some time sitting outside, basking in the glorious spring weather, then went to see the new Dr. Suess movie, "Horton Hears A Who".  This is one of our all time favorite books, and we were all quite pleased with the film version.  All in all, we had a very nice time.
Now for the sewing stuff.  
I've been thinking a  lot about my short stays and the way they fit.  They seem to do much more smashing than lifting.  So I've been mulling over a few options.
First would be taking them apart and making them a little smaller.  I just hate the Idea of taking out all those hand stitches.  They are so much more difficult to remove than machine stitches.  Or I could just scrap them and make a whole new set a size smaller than the current ones.
Next, I am considering making a bodiced petticoat using the directions found Here.   As I really don't require that much support, it might be a nice compromise.  I also think it would be nice to have for gowns made with sheerer fabric.
I'm just not sure which option to choose.
As for the patterning for the actual gown, that is going fairly well.  I added 1/2" to the rise of the armseye.  I  took about an inch off the length of the bodice front, as it was a little to low to give me that really high Empire line, I decided to leave the back  the length it was and just added seam allowances, but I did lower the V  in the back by 2".
As for the sleeve, I'm happy with the under sleeve as is, so didn't change that at all.  I've added 3" to the puff and am hoping  it is not too puffy now.  I'm going to wait to make the pattern for the sleeve trim to be sure I have the poof just the way I like it.
I hope to get the whole lot cut out tonight, and perhaps stitch it tomorrow.  It depends on how much energy I've got.
I also need to get started on my homework assignment.  It's rediculus, but I'm having the worst time on the simple fitted skirt front!  I can't seem to get the darts in there.  Maybe it's Gemma.  I think I'm going to try my sloper on her again and see if I need to make adjustments to her lower half.

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I have finnished the short stays.  Finally!  
I even have proof:

What I learned: Gussets are a pain in the arse.  Make binding a little narrower, this was too wide.  
Overall, this was fun, and I will definitely make another pair, that fits a little snugger.  Mabey without the gussets, as they really don't have much wotk to do.

They are definitely a smidge too big.  It seems I have lost a few pounds I could ill afford to loose.  I lost a whole inch in both my bust and waist, if this keeps up I will soon disappear.   D. thinks I need to eat more, but I keep telling him I eat when I'm hungry.  If I'm not, I can't force myself to eat because then I just feel sick.


Feb. 6th, 2008 10:35 am
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Here are a few pics of the progress so far:
Pics )
I have stitched the binding down at the bottom, forming the casing for the draw string.  I just need to get cracking and get the rest done!
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Yay! My hubby fixed the computer!  The power supply got fried in the outage, so all he had to do was replace that.  And it only cost 11.99 to fix!
Haven't been doing much sewing.  The bones are in on the short stays and the binding is stitched on, now all I have to do is stitch it down.  Hand work, that I just haven't found the time for. E has gymnastics today, so perhaps I'll bring it and work a little on it there.  I do have some pics of progress so far, but have not pulled them of the camera.  I'll have to add those later.  
Right now, I'm off to clean the house. Bleh.  When, oh when will they invent the self cleaning dish?

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Well, sewing at all over the last two days, but I do have a few pics of the progress so far.  I was able to finnish the eyelets on Sunday.  They look much better than the ones I did on E's vampire costume.  Now I just need to cot and tip that boning and get the binding sewn on.  Don't know if I'll be able to work on that today, too much house work.

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 Any hope of working on the short stays today was laid to rest by E. being sick at home.  This child has the most amazing pain tolerance.  She tells us last niggt that her ear feels "stuffy", so I look in an see this stuff oozing out!  Oi!
Then I look in her mouth and find her throat is beyond swollen.  Not a single complaint about that.  In fact she had just scarfed down a large piece of pizza and a carmel apple dipped in m&m's.
Take her to the Dr. this morning, yep ear infection on viral sore throat.
The final nail in the sewing coffin, I scalded my hand while making chicken soup this morning, and it feels like my hand is on fire, God knows how I'm to get the bath time stuff done with only one hand.
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I watched the Democratic debate last night, and I must say, I have never been so entertained by a debate before.
All of the candidates came out swinging and got some good punches in.
In other news:
I have made some small progress on the short stays.  I have begun stitching the layers together, again by hand because I don't want any visible machine lines.  I have a few more seams to go and then will be ready for boning and binding!  Mabey I'll post pics a little later today.
Now for breakfast, ranting makes me hungry!


Jan. 20th, 2008 08:25 am
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I have finally made some progress on the short stays.  The bust gussets are in on all layers, and each layer is stiched.   I decided when doing the mock up that the gussets really needed to be put in by hand to look good.  As I am slow at hand sewing this took a while.  All that is left to do is baste all the layers together, insert boning, and bind.  Yay!  I should have it  done before the dress form arrives.  I better have it done, as the form won't be here for about three weeks, and that would mean I was way to lazy.  
I don't forsee much work being done tonight because PBS is continuing their "Complete Jane Austin" series with "Northanger Abby".  Needless to say, neither my husband or sewing machine will be seeing much of me tonight!


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