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*Mad cackle*  I have finished the boning channels! *more mad cackling*  Now to cut the bones, make the eyelets (why yes, I am a glutton for punishment!), bind and trim!  So good to finally be done with the never ending channels!

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Granted,it's not much, but it's something.
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I had planned to work on the paletot tonight, but my husband put a stop to that when he decided to work on his laptop downstairs. (he gets very touchy when working on the weekends. Can't say I blame him there.) So, not wanting to bug him, I grabbed my half finished chemise mock up and headed upstairs. (I do plan on making this again in linen, but I want to get this one in a wearable state for the time being.) I got all the seams flatfelled. No pics here, 'cause let's face it, you seen one flatfelled seam, you've seen 'em all. To finish, I plan on using the scallop stitch on my machine along all the openings.

I've also been working on getting myself organized. I didn't make it to any of the events I wanted to last year because I didn't meet sewing deadlines. I'm bound and determined that this year will be different. To that end, I've put together a notebook listing all the events I'd like to make it to. I've also added pages for each clothing item needed. These pages include pattern sources, deadlines, fabrics and trim thoughts, and any construction notes or questions I have. I'm seriously hoping this keeps me on track. I've also acquired a sewing buddy to kick my *ss when I get lazy.

So here's to a more productive year!

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Had time to sit down with the pattern today.  I took 3" off of each seam, for a total of 12", and lowered the armscye an inch.  It made a huge difference in the fit.  *note- there is a pattern for a chemise with the same shape, but gathered into a yoke, drafted with the same measures as this one.  So much for Klemm's "perfec" system.* I may shave a little more off the armscye, well see when I get to the finishing stage.
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I've been mulling over the problem for the last two days.  I was very concerned that I'd gone wrong somewhere in the drafting.  So, I measured the units on the apportioning scale, and converted those into inches.  In turns out that 1 unit=3/8 of an inch.  I checked the pattern and found that the width for both the front and back (which are essentially the same pattern, the neckline depth being the only difference) is 19".  That's 3" larger than my 1/2 bust measurement.  Multiply that by four, ( 2 pattern peaces cut on the fold) and you can see where the problem arises.  You could literally fit two of me in the thing!
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After spending the morning piecing together the apportioning scale for my size, I went ahead and drafted up a chemise.  The process was simple, and went smoothly.  Tonight I was able to get a mock up cut and sewn.  Glad I decided not to just cut into the linen tissue (60%linen/40%cotton).  It's a bit big.  Got the alterations marked and pinned.  I'm taking a good 3" off each side, and pinched another 2" or so out of the back!  Plan on getting those stitched in sometime this week.  Would like to do it tomorrow, but Wed. and Thurs. are a bit busy here, so may have to wait 'till Fri.  We'll see how I feel.
Now it's off to bed.  Haven't been sleeping too good lately, so am hoping for better tonight.  Maybe the rain will help lull me.
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Hopefully many more projects to come.  Finished the drawers.  I have pics, but they aren't the best.  Bad bathroom lighting, sans flash.

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I was going to toss together a little Victorian cap, but after drafting up the pattern, and cutting out the foundation, I realized I didn't have any tulle.  So I spent the morning making up apportioning scales in my uncorseted size to start on my chemise.  If I'm not to tired this afternoon, I';; begin drafting that.  I picked up a fairly light weight linen/cotton blend for this yesterday.
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wrestled the #$$#@&^^%$# waistband into submission!  Seriously!  I just couldn't get the mondo drawers into the dratted thing evenly last night!  After 2 hours of futzing and swearing, I gave up and tried to go to bed.  I say tried, 'cause the dastardly thing haunted my dreams, and I'd wake up worrying about it. 
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These hand finished seams are taking longer than I expected.  Grrrrrr!
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I had plans to spend yesterday embroidering my fingers to the bone, and D. was on board.  Unfortunately, I felt horrible, and spent the day in bed.  Bleh. 
So far I've managed 18 of the 27 shamrocks on the first knee band for the drawers.
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In that spirit, I've drafted up a pair of  drawers from Fashion of the Gilded Age.   Managed to con D. into tracing a simple shamrock border on one of the knee bands, (he bailed on me for the second one).  Started embroidering that with a simple backstitch.  Took an hour to manage one lousy shamrock.  Might finish sometime before the next decade ends.  Could forgo the embroidery, but I want pretty knickers d*mn it!   Bak to the needle.  Will post progress tomorrow, if any is to be had.


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