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After 2+ years of working on my corset, I have come to a realization. If I wait uentil it's finished to start a dress, I will never, ever get one. So, I've decided to go aesthetic. I shall eschew the restrictive device, in favor of a more healthful alternative. (Let's face it, it's not exactly like I need the support the corset provides. *Sniff,sniff*) In this spirit, I have drafted an underbodice that will be very lightly boned. If I can stand doing it in this heat, I'll trace off my draft and add s.a. tonight. I also drafted another shift, as I'm not entirely happy with the previous one.

I'm hoping that by making this decision, I'll find my creativity again.

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It'll have to do. I've run out of time for fiddling if I want to get a dress made by mid-July.

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Corset woes

Jun. 8th, 2010 09:00 pm
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Just when I thought I could move onto the finishing, I discover a couple.of things that need fixing. I just want to get out of the underwear stage already!

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I finally, finally, finally, finished sewing the eyelets into the Victorian corset! Now it's onto the boning and binding!

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Was feeling pretty good about myself on Tuesday night.  All those boning channels were finished, the pattern for E was scaled up, and by 10:pm it was sewn. 
As I'm merrily stitching along, I think to myself, "Self, this looks a bit on the small side. "  But I ignore my better judgment and keep going.  The only thing I can say for myself, is at least I didn't put on the sleeve.
Come the next morning, I have E try on the mock-up.  She can get one arm thorough, barely, but the back was so narrow, it barely covered half of her back, and of course, there was no way on God's green earth the other arm was going through.

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*Mad cackle*  I have finished the boning channels! *more mad cackling*  Now to cut the bones, make the eyelets (why yes, I am a glutton for punishment!), bind and trim!  So good to finally be done with the never ending channels!

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2 hours sewing tonight, and nothing to show for myself.  That isn't to say I've accomplished nothing today, just nothing tonight.  Earlier this afternoon, I sewed 6 boning channels on to the corset.  That just leaves the back 4, which I tried and failed to do tonight.  Why's that, you ask?  It's so simple, how could you fail?  Blame my ongoing war with the maths.  Simple addition was just out of my reach tonight. :/

I also put the question to E on what she'd like to wear.  She chose the 1877 Polonaise.  Not surprised there.  Also not surprised that she wants it to be pink and black.  Like mother like daughter.  So, I threw the pattern on to the projector, got it to the correct size, and traced it off.  10 minutes work in all.   All that's left to do is add s.a.and make a mock up.  As for the fabric, I'm thinking of a pink cotton twill, with black trim.  It'll have a bit of structure that way, and not cost me and arm and a leg.  Food for thought anyway. 

Tomorrow being Easter, not sure how much, if anything I'll accomplish.  Guess i'll just have to wait and see.

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My goal for today was to get the other sleeve lining sewn in on the paletot, and to do 2 boning channels on the corset.  I got the sleeve sewn in while at [ profile] hruggles  this afternoon, and I just finished sewing on 3, count 'em 3, boning channels.  That means I've got 11 out of 20 channels sewn, officially over the 1/2 way mark!
Of course, this brings thoughts of trim.... )
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Lazy Day

Apr. 1st, 2010 11:36 pm
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After 3 days of non stop cleaning, I decided to take a lazy day today. Did nothing for as long as possible. As a result, I didn't get as much sewing done as I had planned. This doesn't mean I was entirely unproductive, and I do have pics to prove it. Not very good pics, coming from the mobile, but pics non the less.

I'm seriously loving the fit! (that's the first 2)
I've got the lining stitched down on one side, and pinned in the other. (that's the next 2)

Lastly, can you guess what E'S new sport is?

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After much cursing of the lining that isn't pink, I managed to get the sleeve lining sewn together.  I need to hand stitch it in today, then I can call the blasted sleeves done.  Except for the hemming and trimming of course. 

And speaking of trimming, I've decided to go with virginiadear 's most excellent suggestion of jet beads.  Faux in this case.  So the plan is to get all the ruffles on, putting it in a wearable state, then start adding the beads.

As the rest of the work on this is all hand work, it'll become my carry along project.  A mom's gotta have something productive to do while her daughter is at therapy.   Also good for sitting in front of the t.v. and watching Project Runway. 

I also worked on, wait for it.....the corset.  *gasp*  I know, it's been ages since I touched it.  Poor thing has been gazing forlornly at me from the corner of my sewing table for months.  I got 4 more boning channels sewn on, I'll do some more tonight.  I'd like to get this done by the 15th.  Compleatly doable if I work on it every night.  then I can get started on my long planned 1893 Empire.

Ah ha!

Mar. 29th, 2010 08:16 pm
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I HAVE SLEEVES!  There are actually sleeves on my paletot.  I still need to add lining to the sleeves, but, I HAVE SLEEVES!  And even a little trim.  Pics tomorrow, when I;ll hopefully have a little sunlight.  The rain is back.  *sigh*
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and I finally have a sleeve for the paleto.  I've lost track of how many times I've redrafted the little blighter, but I'm finally satisfied. 

The Muslin, basted in.  It took three tries to get it positioned so that there is no pulling to cause unsightly wrinkles.

Now, of course, I've got to cut it in the velveteen and pink satin.  I feel like I  can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this one.
Here's what's left:
cut and insert sleeves
add rouched trim
add belt
I think I can make my deadline of the end of this month now.  Then it's on to finish the Victorian corset.  (after 2 years of putting it off)
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The sleeve has been traced and cut. Tomorrow for the sewing.

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Granted,it's not much, but it's something.
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I had planned to work on the paletot tonight, but my husband put a stop to that when he decided to work on his laptop downstairs. (he gets very touchy when working on the weekends. Can't say I blame him there.) So, not wanting to bug him, I grabbed my half finished chemise mock up and headed upstairs. (I do plan on making this again in linen, but I want to get this one in a wearable state for the time being.) I got all the seams flatfelled. No pics here, 'cause let's face it, you seen one flatfelled seam, you've seen 'em all. To finish, I plan on using the scallop stitch on my machine along all the openings.

I've also been working on getting myself organized. I didn't make it to any of the events I wanted to last year because I didn't meet sewing deadlines. I'm bound and determined that this year will be different. To that end, I've put together a notebook listing all the events I'd like to make it to. I've also added pages for each clothing item needed. These pages include pattern sources, deadlines, fabrics and trim thoughts, and any construction notes or questions I have. I'm seriously hoping this keeps me on track. I've also acquired a sewing buddy to kick my *ss when I get lazy.

So here's to a more productive year!

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Well. Been decidedly not productive lately. Also haven't had access to the home computer. But just figured out I could post via email on my new phone! How cool is that?

I finally got around to drafting another sleeve for the paletot. I've got a pic here somewhere.....I think.

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I've got enough bias strips together to make one long 16yd strip.  And I'm only about 1/2 way there.  *sigh*


Feb. 8th, 2010 10:46 am
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Thinking trim here.  I did a small sample of the trim I have in mind and am not sure where I want to go with it.
trim pics.. )

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Got the bias strips cut out last night.  I used a wave edge rotary cutter, so had to cut a bazillion individual strips.  I'll work on seaming them together and running the ruching today.


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