Mar. 20th, 2008

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 And I'm on L.J.  that can only mean  one thing in my world.  The headache I went to bed with got a whole hell of a lot worse.  Which means I had to break out the Excedrin, which means now I've too much cafiene to sleep.  Also needed food or all that asprine would make me sick to the stomach.  This is so not what I needed right now.
Spring Break is so exhasting!  So far this week, E and I have been to two libraries, the ice cream parlor, a museum, two parks, and the ice rink.  Thank God the latter was just to get hot cocoa and french fries with her friend.  She has a pretty bad cold and I don't really want her on the ice where it is freeeezing!  And I's only Wednesday Thursday now I guess.  
Our plans for today are to take it kind of easy.  Must do laundry, a chore I hate, tidy the house, hate that one too, (are we sensing a theme here?) promised E we'd make cookies, can't go back on that, and then head over to Grandma's to spend a little time together before I'm off to class.
Then it's Friday.  We plan on making use of those season passes to spend the day a Marine World.  Yeah they changed the name to Animal Kingdom, but it will always be Marine world to me.  Kinda like Candle Stick park will always be Candle Stick.  (For those not from the San Francisco Bay Area, former home of the S.F. Giants that has under gone so many name changes I can't even recall the current one at the moment.)
On the sewing front, i managed to stay on schedule and get a sleeve for the Archery gown  stitched up! Wow, two nights of sewing in a row!  There are some issues, aren't there always.  I'll try and get pics up later today as I have no desire to put the thing on right now.  Besides, it is sleeping peacefully upstairs along side my hubby and E.  Oh, If only I were so lucky.
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The headache finally left.  The only problem then was that I couldn't sleep.  I was up 'till about 5am, and when I did fall asleep, I had the weirdest dream that D. was shouting for me.  So that, of course, woke me right back up.  Arrgh!
i did manage to get the laundry done and some cookies baked, but the rest of the house work will have to wait until i have a bit more energy.
And of course, E. has decided she is not going to have a good day.  Most days she is an angel, but sometimes....
Sigh.  I guess someone will not be having cookies
Ok, now onto the real reason for this post.  Sleeves!


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