Mar. 22nd, 2008


Mar. 22nd, 2008 03:28 pm
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Yesterday, E had her very first experience with a BIG roller coaster.  Now keep in mind, this is a child who is terrified that the ordinary  chair she is sitting on, might suddenly jump up and shake her off.  Yet for some inexplicable reason, she loves rides.  The faster and crazier the better!  We spent many days last summer in Marine World, riding the Cobra, a smallish roller coaster.  Every time we went, she would ask if she was tall enough for the big ones.  You know, the kind that loop upside down, and go down hills so big, the bottom drops out of your stomach.  By Christmas, she was about 1/2" away from achieving her goal.  
Anywho, we were back at Marine World yesterday, and she and a friend wanted to know if they were tall enough for a Big ride.  So we measured them up and yup, they both just squeaked by.  we got in line, waited for 1/2 ann hour, and went for a ride!  Roar, is a wooden coaster with an initial 10 story high drop!  Yes, 10- stories!   It then reaches 50mph.  Again, remember the chair phobia.  And did she like it?  No, she loved it, mommy is so proud.  Her friend on the other hand, got off holding her tummy.  Thank heavens she didn't erupt!  Now of course she wants to go on the upside down ones.  I didn't tell her she is indeed tall enough for at least one.  I think she needs to build up to those.


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