Apr. 6th, 2008

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 Thanks to [profile] strawberrykaren  and [profile] sstormwatch  over on [profile] hist_kid_cloths, I have decided to go ahead and make the pink frock for E.  
I think I will go with this  pattern, the pinafore, as the starting point.  I plan on taking out the pleat, and button closure.  I'll leave a gap at center front so it won't lace completely closed.  E is happy to be getting a new dress.
I think I also have found a way to take my Regency obsession of the moment into my everyday wardrobe!  While looking through P.O.F. and comparing the half robe to the one from the Sense and sensibility patterns, thought why not make knee length in a modern cotton print.  Leave off the sleeves, but keep all the original lines, ie: the dropped shoulder seam, curved side back seam and the pleats/gathers in the skirt.  I'd have a cute summer dress, and fulfill my want to wear regency all the time.  I could also layer it over a pair of jeans and wear it with a little sweater for cooler days.  I'm super excited about this one and will have to restrain myself until I get the "Must Do" list done.


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