Apr. 18th, 2008

All Better

Apr. 18th, 2008 08:02 am
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E is well again!  We were a bit worried yesterday, when her fever spiked and she trew up again, after having gone for over 12 hours with out doing so.  I took her to the Dr. just to be on the safe side, as she had been complaining her neck hurt, and that always freaks me out.  She had the flue, and the Dr. said we should start to see an improvement by today.  She was right.  Last night her fever broke, and this morning she wanted toast!  She's up and playing and complaining that she wants to go to school.  When I told her she could not go to school today because she hasn't eaten anything for 2 days, and I need to be sure she can hold food down, she said she wants to go someplace fun.  Yup, she's back to normal.  Now, If only I can keep my sanity  with a stir crazy 6 year old all day.


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