Jul. 18th, 2008

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 So, I have made some progress on the Victorian corset.  I stitched up the back , and have turned it into a front lacing style.  The fit is better.  Not perfect, but it's on its way to being usable.  I need to let out a little along the back, and side seams to shift the bust seam to a more appropriate place.  Otherwise it seems to a pretty good fit.  I've boned the heck out of it with plastic boning, 26 in all, and it is surprisingly strong, I think it will work well on Gemma.  Pictures to come, once I get it looking a little better.

I plan to start drafting a new corset pattern using the instructions on Your Wardrobe Unlock'd tonight.  I have already done the "maths" for it, so just need to plot it out.  I'm thinking of using 1" grid interfacing that I've had around forever to do the draft.  That way I'll be 100% sure all my lines are straight and my corners are square.
I also need to make the smock pattern for E's Faire Frock.  In looking at the shape of the neckline on the over gown, I wish I had lowered it a bit, and made it more square.  I may need to chest on the smock and give it a back opening in order to get it over her head.  Oh well, live and learn.

E starts summer camp on Monday.  That means two whole weeks of being able to sew during the day!  Yippee!


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