Jul. 23rd, 2008

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 Well, thanks to a rip roarin'  headache yesterday, I didn't get much of anything done.  The only thing I did manage was getting the interfacing for the Archery Gown that I cut out Monday, fused to the pink fabric and cut out.  

After doing that, I started to re-think my plan for attaching it to the black velveteen.  I had originally thought to use the machine to satin stitch it down, but now I'm not so sure.  

So far today, i have managed to measure and cut out the smock for E's Faire Frock.  I have to wait to get started on the actual sewing until I measure how wide to make the neck opening.  Because I wasn't thinking when I made the overdress, the neckline will need to be more rounded that is typical, and will most likely need to be laced up the back.

Now, it's off to do the laundry, then a little break before I get back to work!
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After much racking of my poor brain, I have come up with a solution for finishing the van dyked hem on the Archery Gown.  I tried pressing the edges under with the idea that if it worked I'd do it on the black as well, but I just couldn't get a neat enough line.   I threw out both of my earlier ideas and decided to use a wide double fol bias tape.  Instead of actually binding the edges, I have just laid it on top and folded it at each point.  I wish I could find some reference to how they did it in period.


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