Aug. 14th, 2008

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It's been a crazy week so far, with more to come this weekend! 

We had E's B-day party on Sunday, and except for the bee sting it went really well.  All the kids had a great time playing in the water.

Monday, I took E over to her school so she could ride her new scooter.  She is really getting the hang of it!  Being that she is balance challenged, we  were a little worried as to how it would go.  While at the school, we were able to visit with her teacher from last year.  I'm hoping to take her over on Friday, so she can see her new teacher before school starts Monday.

Tuesday was her actual Birthday.  She wanted to go to Cattleman's, a local steak house for dinner.  I  called ahead and told them it was her b-day.   We had no idea what a fuss they would make over her.  After dinner, our waitress cme over and asked if she would like to go into the kitchen and make an ice cream sundae.  Do you know any 7 year old who would say no?  Everyone trooped into the back and she made  a huge treat!  When we got back to the table, the whole waitstaff came running over, popped a cowboy hat on her head, and sang her a birthday song.  She was thrilled!

Wednesday, we had E's appointment with the autism Dr.  She has stumped another expert.  Dr. P. still has to write his report, but he told us she has some of the markers for Aspergers, though her social skills are better than the typical child with AS.  He also said she showed some signs of NVLD, as well as some behaviors he didn't know where to place.  So, now we wait to see what happens.

As far as sewing goes, E's smock is almost done.  It just needs a hem.  Once that is done I can hem the pink outer dress and work the eyelets.  I've started the corset cover thingy for the Venetian, just need to finish stitching the voil to the duck.  I need to add hook and bars to the bodice and skirt so I don't get an unsightly gap.  I also need to put one on the corded petticoat.  Then I'm done and ready for faire on Saturday!  Hope I can get it all done. 


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