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Things have been out-of-control crazy lately. Between the end of the school year, and wanting to string my husband up by the toes, (I love you dear), I've not been doing anything you could call constructive.

Even though I'm to close, I still haven't finished the paletot. Or the corset, or E's dress. I really need to get the blasted corset done so I can start on the rest of the underpinnings and the dress.

I've decided to attend my first SCA event. The fact that it's local, as in down the street and around the corner, and hruggles is also going, made it an easy decision. But now I need to make some drawstring casings for my camicia. It's just too annoying to wear with the sleeves. wanting to slip down all the time. Lucky for me, E's fair frock still fits, so no work there.

Now that school's out, I hope to be a bit more productive, and stop neglecting my f-list. I miss "hanging out" with you all.

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