Corset woes

Jun. 8th, 2010 09:00 pm
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Just when I thought I could move onto the finishing, I discover a couple.of things that need fixing. I just want to get out of the underwear stage already!

With the help of [ profile] hruggles, I got all laced in. I was not a happy camper! (not that I ever am, I hate camping) I had absolutely no cleavage, and no support. After mulling the problem around a bit, I decided my busk was an inch too long. So, I did what any frugal costumer would do, I cut it down. From the top, as that's where the problem was. I don't have a before, but here's the after:

This fixed a lot of the problem, but there is still deal with:

Still too big up top. To deal with this, I plan on taking the side front seams in by an inch on each side, graduating down to nothing at the waist. I think this will move that seam over to provide better support....I hope.
So, I've already got the bone channels unpicked, just need to re-seam and see how it goes.

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