Jul. 30th, 2010 11:53 am
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If only it were so easy! E and I just finished reading the Harry Potter books, and with her birthday comming up, I think you can probably guess where the party is headed. Like every child who has read the books before her, they have captured her imagination. Thus, we will ne spending the next 2 weeks planning a Harry Potter themed party.

As a parent who hates all the crap that come home in goody bags, I've decide not to do them. Instead we will be making Hogwarts robes and wands for all the kids. Yes, I am crazy. But the robes should be easy enough, and with my mom's help, I should be able to get them whipped out.

We picked up a bunch of sticks at the park, brought them home and skinned and sanded.

This is E's. She liked the cool crook.

The next step is to stain them.. then we'll need to add leather strips to the handles and fine glitter to the tips. I think we are going to burn a design into E's as she is the birthday girl.

Then I've got to get the wizard hat piniata made, and decide if I want to make a giant squid for the pool.

Oh yes, I need to get the invitations finished, parchment with a wax seal. Luckily, I sent out a "save the date" e-mail.

Perhaps I can imperious a few people into helping......

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