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We'll start with the sewing stuff, and go from there.

Despite life being rediculously stressful this week, I was able to get the toil of the Archery Dress finished.  Sadly I don't have pics yet.  Gemma is still languishing in the trunk of my car, along with my sewing box, pattern, fabric, and pretty much everything I need to work on it.  Oh, and she's wearing the toil.  Hopefully, Ill be able to get those up soon. 
I now have all my fabric, and some thin black velvet ribbon to speed up the trim making process.  I plan on pulling everything out today and getting started tomorrow. 

Onward )
Now for more fun news.

Friday, we went with E's class to the beach.  We here in Northern Ca. are very lucky to have such a wonderful coast line.  From our little part of the world, the coast is a little less than an hour away.  Unlike much of Southern Ca., Our cost is rugged and rocky.  It can be very dangerous, but when treated with respect, it is an amazing place to visit.  
We are blessed with an abundance of tide pools where one can find the most amazing creaures.  As a child, my family spent countless days, gathering sea weed, and playing in the pools.  I was excited to take E, and show her the things that fascinated me when I was her age.   (We had not taken her before, because the beaches my parents took me as a child are just to dangerous for E.  She would never be able to scramble down the cliffs as we did.)
We were up at 5:30, to get ready and take Marshmallow to my sisters house to be bunny sat.  Then off to school to catch the bus.  The ride was not as bad as I had anticipated, thank God.
We had so much fun.  E loved looking for sea weed, as this is one of her favorite foods.  We saw so many great creachers, and managed to remain relatively dry.  
Here are just a few of the things we saw. (the batteries in my camera crapped out while we were pretty far out, and i was not going back to the beach the replace them)

That's about it for now.  Sorry this post wound up being so long

New Arrival

Mar. 2nd, 2008 09:31 pm
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I have done no sewing since the last post.  However, I do have a good reason.  We have a new addition to our household.  Not a baby!  At least, not a human baby.
A few weeks ago, E's teacher brought a bunny to school.  (See where I'm headed?)  Of course she fell in love with it, and wanted one of her own.  We have not had a pet since our cat passed 5 years ago,  and I still am not ready for a new one.  So, we thought about it for a while.  Did all the research, and decided that she could have one.  We spent the weekend looking for just the right bunny, and here he is.

Meet Marshmallow!  Yes, i know, marshmallows are white and he is very clearly black.  E told me she wanted to be ironic.  Her words, not mine.  He is a baby Holland Lop, very sweet natured and not at all skittish.  He is to be a house bunny of course, so I see many days of bunny proofing ahead.  We plan on getting him a dog pen, you know th kind that are just walls, no floor,  and setting up a bigger space for him to live and play in.  But right now, he is just getting to know us, and we must conquer box training!


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