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Jun. 7th, 2010 08:41 am
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Went to my first ever S.C.A. event with [livejournal.com profile] hruggles. It was a pretty hot day to be wandering around in 20 lbs or so of clothes, but a good time non the less.

got a couple pics..... )

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It's been a crazy week so far, with more to come this weekend! 

We had E's B-day party on Sunday, and except for the bee sting it went really well.  All the kids had a great time playing in the water.

Monday, I took E over to her school so she could ride her new scooter.  She is really getting the hang of it!  Being that she is balance challenged, we  were a little worried as to how it would go.  While at the school, we were able to visit with her teacher from last year.  I'm hoping to take her over on Friday, so she can see her new teacher before school starts Monday.

Tuesday was her actual Birthday.  She wanted to go to Cattleman's, a local steak house for dinner.  I  called ahead and told them it was her b-day.   We had no idea what a fuss they would make over her.  After dinner, our waitress cme over and asked if she would like to go into the kitchen and make an ice cream sundae.  Do you know any 7 year old who would say no?  Everyone trooped into the back and she made  a huge treat!  When we got back to the table, the whole waitstaff came running over, popped a cowboy hat on her head, and sang her a birthday song.  She was thrilled!

Wednesday, we had E's appointment with the autism Dr.  She has stumped another expert.  Dr. P. still has to write his report, but he told us she has some of the markers for Aspergers, though her social skills are better than the typical child with AS.  He also said she showed some signs of NVLD, as well as some behaviors he didn't know where to place.  So, now we wait to see what happens.

As far as sewing goes, E's smock is almost done.  It just needs a hem.  Once that is done I can hem the pink outer dress and work the eyelets.  I've started the corset cover thingy for the Venetian, just need to finish stitching the voil to the duck.  I need to add hook and bars to the bodice and skirt so I don't get an unsightly gap.  I also need to put one on the corded petticoat.  Then I'm done and ready for faire on Saturday!  Hope I can get it all done. 
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We had a very busy weekend!  On saturday we took a drive out the the forest.   We had lunch and went for a nice walk.  E loves to climb into the holes in redwood trees!  But then, so did I when I was a kid.  
Then we had to go grocery shopping.  And of course, had an attack of sticker shock.  It's appalling how much the price of food has gone up.

Sunday, we headed over to Marine World.  Again.  E's best friend's b-day is coming next Sunday, and we wanted to pick up a few gifts for her.   She wants a "soft shark" and "soft dolphin" (plush), so we got those, as well as a shirt and a necklace with a dolphin charm that has her name on it.  We had a lot of fun.  The weather was nice, and the lines were short, for the most part.  

E started camp yesterday.  She is very excited to be spending the next two weeks with her best friend!

After taking the car in for service, I thought I would have the whole day to sew.  Didn't happen.  I got a call from my sister, saying my aunt was at her house and wanted to see me.  So, I went over there, and now have even more sewing added to my list of already epic proportions!

On the sewing front:

On Saturday, I only got around to sewing the bodice lining down on E's Faire Frock.  Sunday I was to tired to do anything.  So we watched a movie.  (side note:  If you have not seen 'There Will Be Blood' don't.  D and I couldn't see what all the hype was about.)  Yesterday,  I spent what little time I had in the afternoon futzing around with Gemma.  She was still a bit bigger than me in all the places that matter.  I got her down to a more reasonable size and added soutache braid to all the seam lines.  The lines on the cover are not quite as accurate as I would like, especially the side seams.   I also re-worked the pattern and cut out the interfacing for the trim on the Archery Gown.

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Today being Thursday, the day I have class, I was able to drape the skirt for the Archery Gown!  Now I just need to turn it into a paper pattern and get the mock up stitched together.  I am super happy about how little time it took to get it draped, only 1/2 an hour.  It took longer to get the crappy muslin I got at Joann's on grain.
I still need to get the stomacher/corset cover thingy for the Venetian done by Sunday.  It's one of those finishing things that I can never find the motivation to do.   But, I would like it to look nice for display on Sunday.
Perhaps I'll get some pics of the Archery Gown up tomorrow.  It depends on how tired I am.  I promised E's teacher I would help her get the class room ready for thier open house, which is in a week. 
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Wow! What a great weekend!  It was long and tiring, but great.  
Not much going on sewing wise.  I still need to drape the skirt for the Archery Gown.  But first I need to get my corset cover thingie for the Venetian done.  I forgot that it's being displayed at our open house this weekend!  I would also like to get my regency chemise done.  It's been languishing in it's project bag since January, and it would be nice to have it done to wear with the Archery Gown.
And on a sad note for me, I found another gray hair!  That's two in two months.  I guess I wasn't joking when I told my cousin I told my cousin I was joining the ranks of the middle aged.  *sigh*
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Well, I have been sewing, just not on the Archery dress.  I have finally finished hemming the sleeves and hem of my Venetian camicia.  I have also been working on the cord stiffened petticoat/farthingale to go under it.  It's pretty much done.  All I have to do is finish up the waistband and stitch down the ends of the cord.
So, without further ado:
Pictures! )
All I need to do to complete this outfit is make the corset cover thingy.
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Yay!  Camera's all juiced up and I have pics.
No pics of skirt right now.  Looks to funny hust hanging limply off a hanger.  Can't wait to get my dress form!
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 I decided to get working on the fiddly bits of my Venetian last night, only to discover that the rope I bought for the farthingale was too big.  I originally purchased  some cotton filler cord that is about 11/4" in diameter.  I had to guess at the size in the store because the package only said how long it was.  So now I have to treck out to get more, in a smaller size.  I just don't have the gumption to go out in the rain.  Have to wait for it to stop, maybe tomarrow, although E has a dentist appt..  Thursday's out, that's my day in her classroom, so it looks like I'll have to wait 'till Friday.

 In the mean time I thought I would take some preliminary pics of what I have done so far only to discover my camera is out of juice as are all the spare batteries.  Grrrrrr!

         List of supplies and cost:

                             2 cotton damask table cloths 60"x107"                                  $14.00 on clearance
                             2 yards cotton duck 60"w                                                      $6.00 using 50%off coupon
                             3 yards rigilene                                                                    $4.50 using 40% off coupon
                             3 yards black satin for lining                                                 $5.00 70%off after Halloween!
                             3 yards drapery pleating tape                                                $6.00
                             3 packages 1/2" single fold gold bias tape                             $6.00
                             2 yards rat tail cord                                                              $1.00
                             5 yards cotton voile                                                             $17.50
                             32 glass pearls from stash                                                    $0.00
                             6 gold tone toggle clasps from stash                                     $0.00
                              total so far                                                                                    $60.00

I know, Rigilene?  I am wearing this over my corset so only needed to stiffen the lacing edge and the back point.  Besides, it's not like I have a lot of curves to deal with!  I went with the drapery tape to pleat the skirt on the suggestion of my instructor.  I just didn't have time to do it by hand.  It lookes nice, but I'm not sure I like the stiffness the tape adds.
I am using this goofy fabric from the stash for the farthingale and expect the cord to only cost about $3.00 as that is what I paid for the stuff  I can't use.  I have ribbon to use for the casing, also from the stash so this should be the final tally. 
It's like a game for me to see how little I can spend and still turn out something I like!  so far so good.  Also, because this was for a class project and I wasn't sure it would work out, I didn't want to spend a lot on gorgeous fabrics only to have them ruined. 

I'll post pics as soon as my camera is up and running.


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